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  1. haha nice to meet you, cara! pretty name by the way ^^! my name is snowy (online name)~ & are you an animal lover? >< so many pets =O isn't it difficult to take care of all of them x.x! i wish i could talk about some of your favorite mangas/manhwas with you, but i've only read skip beat, gravitation, and seduction more beautiful than love...and i haven't read any of them since...like 5 months ago T-T or something like that anyway =]
  2. haha...i truthfully prefer facebook as it is simpler to use >< well myspace was too...then it added all those buttons T-T i guess my preference changes with the popularity? i mean why stay on xanga if everyone moved to myspace? why stay on myspace when everyone moved to facebook? and like you said, i think twitter is more of a celebrity thing too ^^" and i feel that myspace is more for artists nowadays than it is for "regular" people~
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