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  1. Hello! Nope, I don't really play games like that. I'll never touch WoW. I've got a friend who is so obssessed with it she plays it everyday. Scary stuff. Thank you Akari! And yes. Yes we are. @onions61@
  2. Re-reading Kodocha just to refresh my memory. God I love this manga so much. After that I'll probably go check out the current ones I'm reading and try to hunt down new material to read.
  3. Lol nice comic. But I'm not like that though. It does get annoying however when people don't believe I play games and assume that I suck at them.
  4. What's your first anime? When did you watch it? What did you think of it? My first anime(s?) was Pokemon, Digimon and Tenchi Muyo due to the influence of my bros. I was 8 at the time. I watched it in dubs though so I thought it was created by America @onions72@. It was only when I watched Ranma 1/2 and then Tsubasa Chronicles did I discover the world of anime (I didn't even know Japan existed at that time LOL). What about you?
  5. I bet the title confused you huh!? HUH!? Hehe. @onions59@ I'm Dawn. I have the same user name (well going to be, since I requested for a change) on MF. Let's see what else... I'm 17 this year. I'm Asian. I'm a gamer. A girl gamer OH YES. @onions62@ I'm currently studying moonrunes so that I can play the moon people's glorious games that did not get translated and raw manga as well. My hobbies are cycling, and cooking. My favourite sport is baseball (I'm terrified of the base 'ball' though. It's hard as a rock! Imagine getting hit by that!) @onions76@ And my favourite type of manga are shoujo and focuses on comedy. I guess that's it. Nice to meet you!
  6. Mine was Kare Kano. It was also the first manga I ever bought since I was curious of the differences between it and the anime. Aaaaah, good times. @onions70@
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