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  1. Not really reading any manga right now, nothing really I can get into...I'm reading all the manhwas that are being released. Really into hmr and hyr right now and have been for @ a year now....really love the plots even if they are kind of allike @onions65@
  2. When I was living in Guam I was trying to get a Japanese playstation from this one electronics store. Was looking around and came across the fushigi yuugi anime was the greatest moment been hooked on anime and manga ever since..... @onions62@
  3. You're banned for not being able to stop coughing!!!
  4. Fushigi Yuugi, even have the original animerica books...Was living in Guam discovered the anime and then found out about the mangas.... @onions61@
  5. rubyred


    Hi Summer!! Wish I could trade places with you also, miss the snow soooo much!!
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