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  1. Hi Cara! I prefer both, although, sometimes I like anime a little more since there's color and sound xD Welcome! ^^
  2. Nami


    Hi Jjay/Jun/Junko c: Im a real live jap too HIGH FIVE. ;D Welcome to EF.
  3. Nami


    Hmm... I'm going to watch this someday. c:
  4. Hi Maria! I don't really like cats. >_< Welcome to EF.
  5. Hi~ Welcome to EF! We're evil, but nice flowers~! >:'D
  6. Nami

    hey yall!

    Hi Alexis! ^^ Welcome to EF. Yes some ice cream would be niceee~ *O*
  7. You're banned because you still have a halloween siggy xDD (it's really cool btw :'D)
  8. Nami


    Hi! Welcome to EF ^^
  9. LOL @ PICTURE. @Akari; Thinking of food is NEVER a bad thing!
  10. Sorry. It's me. Next is um... CTOAGN? xD
  11. What was the first manga you've read? How did you find out about it? Mines is Naruto. I've been a Naruto fan for a while now. xD I found out about it because... well... I just did. I don't know how. xD
  12. Hmmm... I can think of Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece. Even when I rewatch them, I STILL cry. And when I'm not watching it and I think about it I get tears in my eyes.
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