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  1. it's no problem :D Thank you so much! :D

  2. Sorry about that...I'll re-post it immediately.

  3. hey :) sorry to bother you! The link that you posted for the final chapter is actually for the chapter you did before. Please can you post the correct link? Thank you :D

  4. That's no problem :) please post here: http://evilflowers.com/ipboard/index.php?/topic/579-honey-bitter-translations/ we can finish it off :D Thank you !

  5. Hello, I was about to contact you to see if you wanted me to send you what I have. Again sorry for taking so long. Where do I post it again?

  6. heya :) so sorry to pester you >.< Are you ok to send me deep clear please? :) I can get a Japanese TL to finish it off if you like :D Just to get this project finished hehehe

  7. Thanks :) I look forward to it ^^

  8. Hello,


    Sorry its taking me sooo long, I'll try having it done by the end of the week or the begining of next week.

  9. hey :) Just checking to see how deep clear is going? :D

  10. Thank you :) I'll poke the other translator again :) Hopefully they will return >.< I'll PM you the links though to see what you think- and to double check they are Italian XD hehee *Can't read Italian*

  11. Hello,

    Yeah, if it's in Italian I can help, even though I'm kinda slow with the translations.

  12. hmmm what I have found is the side project- deep clear ^.^ It is being TL currently by a Japanese TL but I havent heard from them in nearly a month >.< I hope they come back! But I think I might have found Italian raws for Deep clear. :) It's a side story of Honey bitter ^.^ If the original TL doesnt contact me back, would you be interested in helping to translate this? :)

  13. ah I see ^^ thank you for letting me know :D sorry for getting confused!! It said Japanese under your user group XD hehe awww it's a shame we can't find more than volume 4 in Italian- hmmm... no idea how to search for that XD thank you though :) If you ever do find volumes you can translate from, please let me know :D Thank you :)

  14. I translated from Italian, but the Italian company only had till volume 4 and I don't know if they are going to release the rest of the books, or else I would definitively help.

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