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  1. i never read the author works..i guess i can try to read this manga
  2. The storyline is very interesting...u never bored to read them..i can't wait to see the final chapter..
  3. i never knew this manga exist till this drama shown in television..very good drama indeed..definitely not wasting time to read the manga
  4. i'm a big fan of Kako Mitsuki..all works are very good and the story line is interesting.u never bored to watch her works..
  5. they are very good..actually this manga is one of my fav..
  6. Full Metal Alchemist... i've been watching them for about a week..the are so many sad moments.. but i'm glad they are very good
  7. Definitely Full Metal Alchemist...so many sad moments in that anime..but i'm glad i can watch it 'till the end.
  8. i don't want to see any manga ruined anymore..manga so much better than anime..
  9. inacutez


    hello everyone...i'm inacutez but you can call me ina.... @onions74@
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