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  1. 90 there's still hope for N-Z... a little hope...
  2. 83 it seems not enough people are here with names starting with letters between N-Z
  3. x5ga

    Hello :)

    Oh, I'd like to come, but unfortunately this hospital stuff here is keeping me very busy, and also we have to have 100% attendance on almost all classes Kinda sucks for us, but at least we can't use the excuse that "I didn't go to that class" when a patient asks us what's wrong with him Mircea... hmm... I don't think I know him, I don't know a lot of people into anime/manga in my city.
  4. x5ga

    Hello :)

    Hehe I'm 87,5% Romanian and 12,5% Hungarian. The name 'x5ga' is short for 'the pentagram', although it is not so obvious... 5=penta, g=gram, giving 'Pentagrama' which is Romanian for 'the pentagram', since some of my friends decided to call me that after a night of heavy drinking in which I don't remember what happened. the 'x' is just extra, since 5ga is too short My 'original' name is DragoÈ™, if that helps
  5. x5ga

    Hello :)

    I live in Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania I usually drink Taiwanese oolong tea, and brew the same leaves 3 or 4 times, the best flavor you can get from some quality leaves is at the 3rd or so brew. The water must not boil when you put the leaves in, it should be about 10 degrees Celsius below boiling temperature. Watching lots of anime which portray noble families made me appreciate some quality Earl Grey tea too. This one I usually brew it with boiling water, then pour the water (with the tea) in a glass and cover it for 3-4 minutes. Then add sugar and milk. It's very delicious Astronomy the astronomy competitions that I've participated in usually had 3 separate tasks: A theoretical written exam, A practical written exam and the observational astronomy exam. The first exam consisted of a set of astrophysics questions (ex: you know a star's energy output and distance from Earth, calculate the apparent magnitude - of course the actual test was much harder than my example). The second exam consisted of practical applications of astrophysics in an astronomer's "daily life" (the questions here were usually very funny, for example we had to find out how bright would shine the eyes of 7 cats which orbit around the earth geosynchronously if you shine a torch from the top of the Eiffel Tower on them.) The final exam usually consisted of finding a certain star/constellation or telling the time by watching the stars.
  6. x5ga

    Hello :)

    Thanks I've been an editor for a while here, but due to some medical problems my work was a bit delayed. I'm the one doing the editing on Platinum Garden, so if anything's wrong with it you know who to yell at Astronomy... yeah, looking at the stars - that was the easy part. The other part involves some nasty math to calculate orbits, the energy flux released by stars, particles and almost anything involving stuff from this universe not found on Earth... not quite what you'd expect for a guy aiming to become a doctor to do. As for fluffy J-music, well... songs like the ones from "K-ON!", for example
  7. x5ga

    Hello :)

    Hello everybody, I'm x5ga and I'm kinda new here I'm a 21y.o. (male) medschool student who likes to watch anime and read manga / light novels. I'm currently learning how to read and understand written Japanese so that I may read the original mangas and play visual novels since most of them weren't translated into English. Some of my hobbies are: photography, astronomy (I even participated at a few international astronomy contests), brewing tea, building/configuring PCs and mountain hiking. My favorite music genre would be metal (any kind, except nu-metal/grind and with a preference for black metal) and fluffy j-music (yeah, they seem like polar opposites, but I like them nonetheless). My favorite top-5 anime would be: Simoun, Popotan, Kokoro Library, School Days, Koi Kaze. My favorite top-5 manga would be: Onii-sama E... , Pure Marionation, Shitsurakuen, Shoujo Sect, Girl Friends. Also, I'm a "closet grammar nazi", meaning that I get angry when people use chatspeak, confuse "its"/"it's", make basic grammar/spelling mistakes, but I won't tell them... I'll just suffer alone Nice to meet you all!
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