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  1. granted, but you all turn into homo sapiens sapiens. because plot twist: we were animals all along! [directed by M. Night Shyamalan] I wish i had an endless supply of whiskey.
  2. laugh like an idiot. do you really potato?
  3. anime: rozen maiden [or attack no.1/"mila superstar [watched it in german]" but i didn't even know that was an anime back then] manga: sekirei
  4. x5ga


    hi ;3 nice to meet you i love animu and mango too. and visual novels. chatango that's where we be. http://evilflowers.chatango.com/
  5. best manga? there's not even a competition here. Shoujo Sect. best manga.
  6. x5ga

    happy birthday unie! ;3

    1. Unie


      THANK YOUS! I'm sorry I'm replying late ~.~

  7. hi lily [i'm 24 so what's your age?] xD welcome to evil flowers uh, we're on chatango a lot... or are we... dunno these days... i think i've seen you there :3 is it fair to assume you've read the amber chronicles?
  8. best thing: the fries that mcDonalds has. you might think this is sad and that i haven't eaten anything in my life, but you're wrong. those fries are the best thing in the universe. worst thing: mashed broccoli saute. fuck that shit. weirdest thing: grass with white sand powder. still better than broccoli.
  9. not exactly a bug, but the site/forum needs a favicon. the default ip.board one is boring:
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