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  1. "email from Chatango: We are under a 37 Gbps DDoS attack. We are working with our internet providers and with the law enforcement to stop it. It is currently mitigated." -the internet

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    2. Melita_H



      I am distraught since that's where I talk to Aaron the most, and he currently doesn't have a phone... :<


    3. Melita_H


      Oh, he's come on skype, yay~ I am happy again~ 8D Still worried for chatango though... hopefully it will work again soon, for all of our sakes (though the other one works in the meantime XD). D:

    4. ayne


      Made me feel so uneasy since I thought it was my pc acting up. >___< Miss you guys! xD

  2. zebras hate me for no reason

    1. Tessa


      Drivers hate u for no reason because you're on the zebras XD

  3. Koko You have failed It was written in the stars I dreamt it Was drunk Probably XD
  4. Of course i am a native proofreader, I HAVE PROOFREADING IN MY BLOOD and i eat it for breakfast. speaking of which, i am hungry. BUTT yes, i am not a native English speaker, and a subtle way of letting others know this is that i don't capitalize the pronoun "i". Good luck with them tests 8D.
  5. darkness! round or hexagonal?
  7. forgot a cat for the forum love
  8. it has come to my attention that the forums don't get enough love so to show your love post something in this thread doesn't matter what you post just post because posting is love. i repeat. this is not a drill. show your love for the forums here before the forum starts stalking you for its love. I LOVE THE FORUMS BECAUSE FORUMS -F + L - RUMS + VE = LOVE. KINDA. also cats. you can post cats. the forum demands cat photos as tribute.
  9. my suggestion is to have a loli main character. and yuri. that'd be great yep.
  10. i've read absolute witch, all the masca stuff, galism, book club, mei-chan no shitsuji, nocturne, platinum garden, pine in the flower garden, spam mail hunter, arcana, toshi densetsu, angel at war, itsukasei metsubou syndrome, and non non biyori. maybe a few oneshots too but i forgot which. oh, and boarding house in wonderland.
  11. you're banned for not listening.
  12. meanwhile, we still don't have a proper favicon.

    1. Melita_H


      Ahahaha, I thought you meant you wrote it down in, like, a document file somewhere... this works too though. XD

    2. Melita_H


      But alas! Our current test doesn't have anywhere to put it... Next time... Next time...

  14. I don't have anything to do with this, but it's technically "happy 4712" (or 79:30). so, uh, happy new year 4712! /clap clap fireworks/
  15. cookiemonsterdaughterhana you still with us here? :3 haven't seen you since forever....

  16. chio. but pringles/lays are close. What's your life goal?
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