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  1. x5ga

    happy birthday ;3

    1. SoRa.


      Thank you dear XD <3

  2. koko :3 happy birthday XD

  3. To all cleaners: if you're gonna filter (blur, sharpen, idc-anything) your page, do it on a _SEPARATE_ layer (that means duplicate your clean layer before filtering). <3

  4. "email from Chatango: We are under a 37 Gbps DDoS attack. We are working with our internet providers and with the law enforcement to stop it. It is currently mitigated." -the internet

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    2. Melita_H



      I am distraught since that's where I talk to Aaron the most, and he currently doesn't have a phone... :<


    3. Melita_H


      Oh, he's come on skype, yay~ I am happy again~ 8D Still worried for chatango though... hopefully it will work again soon, for all of our sakes (though the other one works in the meantime XD). D:

    4. ayne


      Made me feel so uneasy since I thought it was my pc acting up. >___< Miss you guys! xD

  5. zebras hate me for no reason

    1. Tessa


      Drivers hate u for no reason because you're on the zebras XD


    1. Melita_H


      Ahahaha, I thought you meant you wrote it down in, like, a document file somewhere... this works too though. XD

    2. Melita_H


      But alas! Our current test doesn't have anywhere to put it... Next time... Next time...

  7. cookiemonsterdaughterhana you still with us here? :3 haven't seen you since forever....

  8. x5ga

    happy birthday unie! ;3

    1. Unie


      THANK YOUS! I'm sorry I'm replying late ~.~

  9. x5ga

    ani! hohoho

    1. Ani


      You're a little late, Santa ;p

    2. x5ga


      it's never too late my child

    3. Cheesecake
  10. x5ga

    yay you're still here! i'm ok, doing medicine too hohoho. last year of uni. I'm aiming for pathological anatomy. maybe. either that or radiology. haven't decided yet xD


    good to hear that you're doing well~ come on cb too when you're free~

  11. happy burfday exqz /glomp/ <3

  12. x5ga

    Happy Birthday ani loli daughter ~<3

  13. happy burfday kitty ;3



  14. yooo sasori :3 still alive? =__= haven't seen you around

  15. a hand grenade? nope~ you're a latte~

  16. happy birthday daughter :3 <3



  17. x5ga

    just visiting my grandparents and going out with friends. Waiting for sora to come here in September... then we party XD How about you?

  18. hoho okay XD welcome to ef! [again] XD

  19. happy burfday ;3

  20. x5ga

    ooh onions here~ interesting :D i'm enjoying my summer holiday even tho it's realllly hot here xD

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