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  1. Oh, The artwork~! Sooo beautiful!!! @onions77@ I've never heard of this manga before. I guess I should look it up, huh? Only three volumes, huh? 'Tis a shame. *sigh* Oh well, I usually like short series, anyway.
  2. I usually don't read anything other than shoujo, but . . . this sounds cool . . . it draws me in, or something. Though I have way too much to read right now. *sigh* So much to read, not enough time . . .
  3. It sounds good. (Wow, I've got a lot on my 'to read' list now) Thanks for the suggestion!!!!!!! I hope I can get to it soon!!!!!!!!! Oh, and as for X, I've seen it too. Such a depressing anime . . .
  4. IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE WRITER OF D.N.ANGEL!!!!!!!!!! I''LL READ IT!!!!! I LOVED D.N.ANGEL!!!!!! @onion8@ (Ignore me; I'm just an obsessive Daisuke fangirl . . . but the manga does sound good; I'll give it a try)
  5. Huh, I've never heard of it before . . . could someone give me a quick synopsis, maybe? (Sorry for the trouble)
  6. Huh, I came across this manga a few times before, but I never really got into it. I guess I should try it out! Thanks for the suggestion!!
  7. I read the first volume of this and really enjoyed it!!! I think maybe I should pick it up again, huh? Thanks for the suggestion!!!!!! @onions101@
  8. Oh, I read the first volume to this series! I loved it! All the characters were so interesting, and the artwork was really pretty!!!!!!!!! @onions77@ I guess I should look it up again!
  9. I usually don't hate characters (like, at all. To the point where its weird.) But there is an entire type of characters I hate. Buriko's (sp?). Y'know, the type that is really nice to the guys, but then a total jerk to girls or the type that betrays their friends without a good reason, or the type that won't choose between two guys (grrr @onions42@ MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND STOP BEING SO WHINY) Despite all this, I rarely blatantly hate characters. I usually just get annoyed with certain ones a bit.
  10. Oooooh . . . now I want to watch the anime. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. I'm in the middle of the anime right now, but I haven't started the manga yet. I need to, I know . . . but I just haven't gotten around to starting it yet . . .
  12. I'd say Blue. Or Green. Or Purple. Or . . . I don't know . . . I don't have a fashion sense. @onions62@
  13. The Princess Tutu anime series was nothing like the manga, though, with that series, it was the opposite. The anime was waaaaaay better.
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