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  1. Well, I see my (not so) secret interest in Masca has been discovered @[email protected] . In general, I have to admit, I am quite annoying when I have to choose a manga to read since I am VERY picky on the art work. For example I like: The Bride of the Water God, Skyhigh or Vagabond... I am perfectly unable to tell what my favorite manga is... However for the anime the answer is obviously Samurai Champloo: historical, original, and of course so funny... I'm in love @[email protected] . As for my activities it's quite simple: I love to cook, read, listen to some music (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, The
  2. Yeah! This is something I'm able to do: nothing except publicity! Can I have a spot here? Please? @[email protected]
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    Bien le bonjour! (ridiculous attempt n*1 at sounding original- check) As you may have noticed I'm French and I am perfectly unable to write a decent introduction @[email protected] ... I have been following this forum and the releases for quite a while now and I finally decided to participate in some sort of way even if it is by adding my stupid comments to the debate. Yes, I am perfectly aware of how essential I am here @[email protected] ... or not. Well anyway, it is a pleasure to be part of the family.
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