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  1. get ready to be defeated once again 92
  2. 90 I doubt that N-Z will ever win again.. o.O
  3. from time to time - it is fun. *evilgrin* did you ever overslept a very important event(e.g. a tour you booked or an important exam)?
  4. ayne

    A to Z

    record cards (learning for history - I have a written exam in a month >.
  5. I totally agree to a second season of Skip Beat and I would love to see Tokyo Crazy Paradise(from the the same mangaka) on screen. It is funny, has action and an interesting storyline (>http://myanimelist.net/manga.php?id=762). Record of Fallen Vampire, Little Busters! and Blood Alone would be nice to see animated, as well.
  6. Well, there are a bunch of characters which annoy me to no end. Usual they are these useless and/or whiny characters like Shirley or Rolo from Code Geass, Renton from Eureka Seven(I still can't believe I finished this anime - it has 50 episodes) - and of course, Orihime. I was suprised that no one mentioned Makoto from School Days. Everytime I remember this anime I am filled with rage >.
  7. This is Uwasaya, isn't it?
  8. I'm currently watching Welcome to the NHK! and Axis Powers Hetalia. X) I also like to watch anime movies (like The Place Promised in Our Early Days) from time to time.
  9. ayne

    hello :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I already applied and now I'm cleaning Arcana. But somehow I'm still not added to the Staff group.. @[email protected] I have the same problem here - though most of my frineds don't even know I'm into these things. Well, who cares - it's also nice to get to know people from all over the world. @[email protected]
  10. ayne

    hello :)

    Hi there, I'm ayne, a 17-year-old highschool student. I love manga and I'm an editor and translator for a German scanlation group. Because of the lack of work(the editor of the manga I translate went MIA and the tranlator of the manga I edit is too busy to translate) I wanted to join another scanlation group to help out as an editor. Why EF and not someone else? First off, because EF scanlates nice manga/manwha like Dear My Girls, Reimei no Arcana, Skyhigh... And as I visited EF's website I just had to click on the cute 'Join us-Cat' (catlover @[email protected] ). So here I am at EF. @[email protected] Nice to meet you all!
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