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  1. ayne

    Toshi Densetsu v05

    Toshi Densetsu v05 View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 06/25/17 Category Raw  
  2. ayne

    We're back online!

    I've added another donation button, I haven't figured the widget out yet. If you click on the donation button in my post itself, you will be directed to an english page.
  3. ayne

    Stardust Wink v09 ch42

    Our proofreader is working hard on the last chapter, it's quite a long one and since it's the last one, we want to make it super awesome.
  4. ayne

    We're back online!

    Sorry for the inconvenience, if you are already logged in into paypal, it'll display everything in English. I'll try to come up with a solution, that'll make the initial language English. I'd have to research alternative and secure possibilities, do you have a suggestion?
  5. This was basically me when the site went online. This was also me lol. Earlier today I noticed this feature which gives you a trophy when you have the most posts liked. I mean why not haha. You can see it on the profile if you're interested. xD I hope we get some of the missing pictures back running soon. But now it's still kinda meh here and there. Update: it's fixed now. But now to what you've been probably waiting for: Stardust Wink v09 ch42 [Big thanks to Girls' Generation, it's our last chapter together but we'll be continuing this project on our own. :)]
  6. ayne

    We're back online!

    I bet you must've missed us. And honestly I don't know where to start, so first a short recap of what has happened to our Evil Flowers site: Due to security reasons we had to update our community software from 3.x to 4x We didn't know at that time that we got hacked meanwhile and we also had to change providers due to technical incompatibilites. After a lot of sweat and expenses from our webadmin tamashii, we finally got sth to work again. Next, we tried to update but it would only throw an error. Support finally updated our site To make it simple, handling the 4.x version is so different from what we were used to and our old custom code was basically broken. Finally we managed to smooth out our technical issues and especially the design. Special Thanks To Tamashii, our webadmin worked really hard several weeks and spend a fortune to get our site back working, this included paying a year in advance (in total close to 4 digits sum) for server costs to our new provider and for our update itself. Thank you for making this site possible, your hard work, your neverending support and your encouraging words. Souka, a fellow scanlator and admin of another scanlation group, who helped us out with the design and layout. Thanks buddy, you made my day less frustrated. New Features Let's see... I'll try to make a list but no guarantees that it's complete: Followers instead of friends, I guess Facebook is out and we're closer to Twitter now lol The log-in and display name are the same now, so you can't have a seperate log-in name anymore but I think you can log in with your e-mail too, sth like that We changed our navigation menu a little Can't think of anything more right now, I guess I'll update this part later So now you're very welcome to knock yourself out, I think we'll open a Bug thread somewhere in case there's sth to report. We also have to add some pictures here and there, so don't wonder if there links without pictures. Just tell us and we'll try to update them asap. As for releases, we'll try to release sth soonTM. Our primary focus all this time was the site itself. It would greatly help us, if you could spare a dime since we got a big hole in our funds thanks to being forced to change providers and the update itself.
  7. We'll be online soon. :D

    1. x5ga


      SOON IS NOW!

  8. What do you mean? We considered everyone who applied.
  9. ayne

    Chiro Star Project

    We need an active cleaner and typesetter...
  10. ayne


    No, we're still working on it but we don't have active staff on it.
  11. Lol, everything we do is volunteer. We don't get paid, we even spend money on scanlation.
  12. ayne


    Do you mean the staff abbreviations?We have: translator = tl (K for korean, C for Chinese, J for Japanese) Mtl = missing translations Proofreader = pr Cleaner = cl (though we don't use that much) Typesetter = ts Editor = ed Quality checker = qc
  13. Welcome on EF! Hope you like it around here and find much more projects to read on EF. Wow, you're a teacher for such a long time already, are you originally from Taiwan or moved there later? If you like to meet other staff members or users at EF, visit our discord chat, here's the link: https://discord.gg/0oGtyVbNNJuSKBcN
  14. Thanks for your sweet words. We need a chinese translator for this project! Then we can continue this project.
  15. Sorry for the long wait. Added you on our project page. Don't forget to link back to us!
  16. Hi there and sorry for the late reply. we don't have The Lonely Egoist on our Reader. If you find it somewhere else, feel free to retranslate. In this case, please don't credit or link us for retranslation because we didn't scanlate it, we only scanned it. The credits for the translation go to the publisher.
  17. Well, can't tell more than we're working on it. Someday it'll be done. If you want to speed things up - we're in need of a typesetter for this. Apply at our forum.
  18. ayne

    Honey Bitter

    Yes, we still need an editor for this. I don't know what you would define as 'a lot' but what I saw wasn't a lot. I've contacted the ones who have the skills to help out as for the time being we do not have the capacity to teach or train new recruits. And Honey Bitter isn't the only project that needs an editor... ^^'
  19. Pine in the Flower Garden doesn't have spanish retranslations yet so you could take it. But I need to have an url so that people interested in reading your translations, can actually find you. Where do you publish your translations?
  20. Merry Christmas everyone! <3

  21. Sorry for the long wait, added you here: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/page/articles.html/_/oneshots/namae-mo-shiranai-r164 You know the rest: Don't forget to link back to us. Merry Christmas!
  22. Sorry but please send in your request in English. Until then, I can't review it.
  23. Happy Birthday, Sugah! :)

  24. ayne

    Oboreru Knife

    Missing staff is up. And people having lives to deal with besides scanlation, I know it sounds unbelievable but we gotta earn a living too. Anyway, if you want this project to move faster, apply at our forum as cleaner or typesetter. We could really use one.
  25. Hello Vicky, I merged your topic to the previous where you asked permission to retranslate Masca: The Beginning. Also, please not only name us but also link back to us: you can copy the following BB code to your project page here: http://mangafriendsscantrad.blogspot.de/2016/10/masca-beginning.html [url=http://www.evilflowers.com]Evil Flowers[/url] We actually gave FDE permissions for Masca and Masca II: Kings. I've contacted alicelily, the one who requested permission for those two projects. Since their site seems dead I will wait for 2-3 weeks and if she doesn't reply, then you can have those two as well. So alicelily replied, and FDE is dead. You can have permissions for both Masca and Masca II Kings. Like I mentioned above, remember to link back to us. Added you here and here. Best, ayne
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