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  1. Masca_The Kings_v03B_ch06_[EF]

    Masca_The Kings_v03B_ch06_[EF] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 11/19/17 Category Masca II  
  2. 4 gatsu no kimi spica

    It's not our project, no idea. ^^' Check out baka-updates to see which scanlation groups are working on this project: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=118126
  3. Pika_Ichi_v07_ch27_[EF]

    Pika_Ichi_v07_ch27_[EF] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 10/31/17 Category Ready for Release  
  4. Chronicles_of_the_Grim_Peddlar_v06_Epilogue ZIP View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 10/31/17 Category Raw  
  5. Thanks, I've added you to our project info: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/articles.html/dropped-projects/brundage-no-mahou-no-shiro-r107/
  6. Hi there, sure thing, I just need your team's name and website link. Please remember to credit us and link back to our website (http://www.evilflowers.com)
  7. Btw, I've sorted out our emoticons and added some new ones. Hope you like them. In general, I've been really busy with work and studying so I need to catch up on the to do's. We certainly have quite a few chapters almost done (just typessetting missing) and I'm helping where I can. So things are gonna be slow-going again... As always: We're recruiting all staff positions! We direly need experienced cleaners and typesetters. So without further ado, let's get to our release: Ciel v23 ch23d [There's so much going on in this chapter... No more comments on this, you have to read it!] Sir Tiger's Table v04 ch18 [Yay, school trip. And wow Eun ho, you rock. ]
  8. I know right?! Come on people, if I don't have to qc then I can clean and ts more - that means we'll get even more projects released! Ciel and Sir Tiger's Table are currently in qc, I'm ts-ing OMRK but have to put it on hold to qc Pika Ichi.
  9. STT_v04_ch18_TS

    STT_v04_ch18_TS View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 10/02/17 Category Editing  
  10. Ciel_v023_ch23d_TS_PSD

    Ciel_v023_ch23d_TS_PSD View File Just PSD's, credit and recruitment card included. Submitter ayne Submitted 09/24/17 Category Editing  
  11. Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

    They are but we'll be releasing our version regardless. We've got the tl ready, it's getting proofread atm and we hope to release it next week.
  12. More Masca :D

    We're getting close to the end of volume 3-II and after that we will have to wait on translations after that. Little Update on some random wanted projects: KT007: We finally got a chapter translated, we're trying to get it out asap, I hope it'll still be this week. Oboreru Knife: Our typesetter is on it. Piece of Cake: Our proofreader needs a bit more time. We're hoping to release the final chapter in September... We're recruiting all staff positions! We direly need experienced cleaners and typesetters. So without further ado, let's get to our release: Masca: The Kings v03-II ch06 [Rakin is just weak when it comes to strong-willed women... ^^']
  13. Oboreru_Knife_v11_ch41_CL_prets

    Oboreru_Knife_v11_ch41_CL_prets View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 08/13/17 Category Editing  
  14. Thank you to everyone who worked and who I forced to work hard on Itsukasei. Some updates on our most wanted projects: KT007: We've got a new translator and our old one showed up. We're thinking of splitting the chapters between Piece Of Cake: Our proofreader needs to set up a meeting with a translator because there are some complicated translations she wants to clarify. We want to provide you the best and most accurate translation. Masca: We got the next chapter proofread, it's going to be typeset soon. Our typesetter's computer mouse died and she's waiting for the new one to eb delivered. . And we're also very happy about every little donations we receive. Sir Tiger's Table: We got proofreads recently, I'll be typsetting it but it'll take me some weeks, I want to prioritise Ciel. Ciel: I'm almost done with typsetting this project. Obureru Knife: Cleaning is done but the typesetter is the same as for Masca so unless we get new staff, we'll have to wait here too. As always, we're recruiting all positions! Descriptions of each position is provided in our recruitment subforum: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/forum/126-recruitment/ . And we're very happy about every little donation we receive. Thank you for your support. Without further ado, our release: Ciel v23 ch23c [Prepare some tissues, this is a sad one...] Itsukasei Metsubou Syndrome v02 ch04e End [The very last chapter, enjoy it. ]
  15. Amakusa 1637

    We need a typsetter for this series! We have the actual volume cleaned, the next volume proofread and the whole series translated. If we get a dedicated typesetter, we could get back to this project.
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