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  1. ayne


    Kiss_and_Never_Cry_v07_ch38_[EF] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 05/06/18 Category Ready for Release  
  2. ayne


    Nocturne_v09_JUST_FOR_TL_raws View File This is only for the translator! Do NOT use this for cleaning! Submitter ayne Submitted 05/02/18 Category Raw  
  3. ayne


    Pika_Ichi_v07_ch28_end_[EF] View File Last chapter. It's been an awesome projects! Thanks for staying with us until the end. Submitter ayne Submitted 04/29/18 Category Ready for Release  
  4. ayne

    Spam Mail Hunter

    Spam Mail Hunter needs a typesetter. I'll try to reassign it. As for qc-ing, I qc that project myself anyway... We still need help and that's why it takes us longer to get back at people since we also have obligations in rl or some are even absent due to health problems. It's not as black and white saying "you didn't reply, so you don't care". We can only try our best and hope that people will understand.
  5. Just replied. Also really sorry about that.
  6. ayne


    Pika_Ichi_v07_ch28_end_[EF] View File Last chapter. It's been an awesome projects! Thanks for staying with us until the end. Submitter ayne Submitted 04/26/18 Category Ready for Release  
  7. ayne

    Non Non Biyori

    Hope you don't have to type it in manually when logging in lol. :D Alrighty, thanks again for pointing that out!
  8. ayne

    Spam Mail Hunter

    Really sorry about that, it's been a misunderstanding on our part who'll get in touch with the qc-er recruits. I've answered your post in the qc-er thread. I hope you still consider joining our group.
  9. For the time being, I won't be able to train anyone for editor or qc-er position. As a qc-er it's usually helpful to have some experience in editing (=cleaning and typesetting). Since qc-er not only check the language but also the page itself. Really sorry about not getting back at you. I thought another admin would take care of it. Did you receive a pm or nothing at all?
  10. ayne

    Non Non Biyori

    Which chapters exactly are missing? Volume 1 is uploaded under the name Non_Non_Biyori_v01_[EF].rar. It's completed with 9 chapters and one extra. I don't see anything missing.
  11. ayne

    Non Non Biyori

    That's one hell of a username lol. Thanks a bunch for your feedback. I'll look into the points you made and fix it asap. Invision power issued an update again which should fix the captchas, I just need to install it... I really need to sort out the paypal issue as well...
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I've updated our project info, you have our permission: Please remember to link back to us and credit our work.
  13. Sorry for the late reply. I already gave you permission: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/articles.html/ongoing-projects/meiji-hiiro-kitan-r126/ Did you contact me via e-mail or facebook?
  14. ayne

    Count to 10, then SLAP!

    Awww, thank you for your sacrifice. 2
  15. ayne

    Masca_The Kings_v03B_extra_[EF]

    Masca_The Kings_v03B_extra_[EF] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 01/18/18 Category Ready for Release  

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