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  1. ayne


    Chitose_v05_ch30_[CL] View File [Cleaner: Sevs] Submitter ayne Submitted 10/04/20 Category Editing  
  2. Added, don't forget to link back to us! 🙂
  3. Go ahead, I'll add you to our project page. Just don't forget to link back to us. 🙂
  4. Hi there, No worries, your English is just fine, a lot of us aren't native speakers. 😉 I've checked the project pages and we've already gave someone permission to translate to French for Masca and the sequel: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/articles.html/completed-projects/masca-r34/ Maybe you could get in touch with them and ask if you can support them?
  5. Sorry for taking so long to reply. We're aware that it's not completed yet and I'm working slowly on the typesetting. The last chapter is about 70 pages long and I want to release that in one go because it would be awful to split it midway. I'm close to the half of it currently. Whenever I can, I work on it while trying to keep the other projects going as well.
  6. ayne

    Spam Mail Hunter

    Do you mean to download or the online reader? To download you probably need at least a user account.
  7. Chitose_Etc_v04_Extra_[Decadence - Sedna] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 04/19/20 Category Translations  
  8. Oboreru_Knife_v11_ch43_CL [SH - Donna] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 04/16/20 Category Editing  
  9. Oboreru_Knife_v11_ch42_CL [SH - Donna] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 04/16/20 Category Editing  
  10. ayne

    OK_v11_ch44 [kyk - SH]

    OK_v11_ch44 [kyk - SH] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 04/12/20 Category Proofreading  
  11. Stardust_Wink_v10_ch44_[EF&SH] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 03/29/20 Category Stardust Wink  
  12. Chitose_etc_v04_ch24_[EF] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 03/17/20 Category Chitose etc.  
  13. Yamatonadeshiko_Shichihenge_v34_ch137_[EF] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 03/17/20 Category QCed  
  14. ayne

    Sir Tiger's Table

    Awww thanks! 🤗 Yeah, STT is surely lovely, I'm really into it as well! 😍 But rl is hellish busy right now so I'm not making any promises. 🙈
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