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  1. ayne

    Hey, do you have any projects you're currently translating? If not, leave a message on my profile, I'll find sth for you to choose from. ;)

  2. I'm actually closing down Stiletto Heels, chilli, so Heart o Uchinomese! might never be finished. If you know of any other group that might want to pick it up, I'm up for translating it for them. Sorry!
  3. Woah, Toxic, I didn't know you were here! No need to hide! Thanks for helping me out on getting my forum started. You were a big help. (And also - agh! - sorry that I ended up making changes to it anyway.) > TamiBx: There are 3 main authors who flood my bookshelf, and that's George Asakura, Ikuemi Ryo, and Iketani Ricaco. I signed up to do Iketani Ricaco's " Ano Hoshi no Moto ni " and George Asakura's " Suimitsuou no Yoru." If Tessa decides to crawl out from under her UNIVERSITY rock and dangle more Josei in front of me, I might never leave this place. @onions76@
  4. If you haven't known me yet, I was (and still am) the slave-driving admin/translator/editor/project editor/ slash cheerleader-upper over at Stiletto Heels. I'm also here to work as a J-E translator, because I'm total masochist that's all I'm really good for, and I saw the ad on Mangaupdates, and there were some Josei (and a few shoujo projects) your team had that I just couldn't keep my hands off of. @onions100@ (Bad habit of mine.) I love manga, and I wake up every morning and have to shove them out of the way with my foot so I can make it out the door. I'm always living paycheck-to-paycheck because I have to get the new releases every month, even if I don't have time to read them all. (Futile I know.) Hope to get to know everyone better. (Though it's best to keep a safe distance.)
  5. Beating a dead horse? But I think J-SIS tacked this project onto their list. However, because they lack staff, they take very long to start a project. If you guys get the raws before they release and decide to do it I'm all up for translating. I would help with the raws, but I would cry if I had to debind my copies. They cost me 16 dollars per volume, and I just can't bring myself to do it. (Sorry.)
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