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    dream land -_-zzZZ
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    ancient civ., foreign languages, manga, anime, reading, drawing, photography, inventorying my books and dvd's cus i keep buying doubles <.< -_-;, listening to music, playing games, crafts ummm...... to much to list ask me if you wanna know more :D
    since ive got nothin better to do i'm list my fave anime do manga later>.>... hope there isnt word limit....

    O.O T.T there is word limit T.T if you wanna know i can mail list O.O hehe

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  1. Wow has it really been more than a yr. since i posted on here... thats kinda sad >.<

  2. lat

    hey kirie :D hows things? I just re-read shadow of moon ch1 and it got me psyched XD are you still scanning it? :D

  3. hi kirie! ch26,30,31 & pt2 batch of PoC is broken...can you re-up them please?

  4. lat

    Happy Birthday Kirie!!! <3

  5. lat

    hey kirie, im so so so sorry to bug you again >./emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20"> cheesecake told me about your computer- sorry to hear that :( that would have made me so gutted *hug*

  6. lat

    hey :) let me know how it's all going XD So I Can pass message on to Tess :)

  7. lat

    hey kirie :) if you need help with scanning ciel (as it's getting pretty urgent :S) feel free to post to me for scanning :) let me know ^.^

  8. lat

    hope your finals are going well! :D

  9. lat

    hey kirie!! can I have more ciek please? XD As we have lots of TL for it :3 yay!

  10. lat

    hey kirie :D how is Hikou coming along?

  11. random question: is your avatar on the forums from a game called mabinogi? :D just wondering cause it reminds me of that game

  12. Ahhh ok lol ty cellas and I'm try to.

  13. lat

    hey kirie :D any chance of hikou for our anni release? :D May 20th ^^

  14. lat

    your avi i think cells means? :D I love it too! XD

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