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  1. *bang* I actually own four books of that series, but never got to reading them. Somehow, Robert Jordan books give me the "you will hate reading me" feel. Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms are probably staple for us fantasy readers, but I will still express my love for Salvatore's Drizz series and Weis's works in Dragonlance.
  2. Western Sahara, if that counts. I always thought it was a territory of Morocco, though.
  3. 74 i still think the two-other-posters-before-you thing should be followed... to a point.
  4. Well, that should have been 80, so I'm 79 I think that's the first time it's went below 80 since I joined.
  5. it's still very possible if you get 3 ppl cooperating. 84
  6. i meant for forum games in general. And in which case it wouldn't be my team even by your standards, since 85 is obviously greater than 50. 86
  7. I always thought that it was a rule around here that you weren't supposed to post again unless two other people had already gone before you...? 84
  8. There seems to be some confusion as to my gender... which is no surprise, I guess, considering the kind of site this is. So, yeah. I'm a guy.
  9. storyteller


    How are we who hate to study supposed to cope when there are people like you who like to study? And you still read manga too? Most times I'm so into reading manga that I end up doing most of my homework at school the day they're due :/ Well, welcome anyway. I'm new here too.
  10. Girls. I swear, only girls. I'm fine with yuri and shoujo-ai, and those shounen-ai types where one of the characters totally looks like a girl, but truthfully, pure yaoi/shonen-ai isn't something I look at. My female friends at school are totally into it, too. Well, w/e. To be on topic, welcome. I'm new here, too.
  11. 88 now this is getting to be way too one-sided.
  12. I actually chose Hungary because I saw your flag earlier. And for J, of course, Japan.
  13. Somehow I get the feeling that the ppl counting down are at a disadvantage. 85
  14. I'm starting as college freshman this sep. as well! Interesting that we both happened to join on the same day, for the same purpose
  15. Somehow, I get the feeling we skipped E. ... Yeah, we did. England for E, Hungary for H Oh, wait. England isn't a country, strictly speaking w/e
  16. Personally, I'd love to see Witch Hunter as an anime. I'd like to read rest of the manga (or at least what's out), too, but I can't read Korean T.T Oh, and the Record of Fallen Vampire, as well.
  17. storyteller


    I liked it. Its surprisingly accurate historically, too (if you take out all the stuff about oni, of course). Especially the thing when they attacked the in with 10 ppl, of which 4 went in and 6 waited outside. Even down to the fact that okita coughed up blood and heisuke had his head practically split open. (though the reasons differed in the anime) I'm looking forward to season 2.
  18. I tend to be the type that tears up easily. Recently, I cried and cried towards the end of Fuuko's arc in CLANNAD.
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