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  1. Best: Grilled cheesecake Worst and Weirdest: Lutefisk
  2. 10. So I guess I'm slapping somebody.
  3. You're banned because I haven't been on the forums in forever.
  4. Well, I am impressed with everybody here. Most anime/manga lovers here, men and women included, look more like this
  5. Wow Cellas, you look alot less like a mafiosa now. Congratulations.
  6. I finally gave myself an actual avatar and sig...

    1. Kirie


      ... oh really ... i can't see it >.< lol

  7. Bah, Bunneh kingdom. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. So I got a couple of pictures of me from swim team stuff. First one is my friend Bobby and I, dressed as ninjas. I am the one on the left. The second is me decked out in yellow cheering at a swim meet.
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