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  1. Are we all retiring for good?😏

    1. ayne


      Not planning to, yet. Until the end of November I'm too occupied with my bachelor's thesis and the flat where we'll be moving to is currently being renovated, this is hell right now. 😅 But afterwards I should have more time since I'll just have my full-time job and finally getting paid nicely. 😎

  2. Can we do Kainushi Juujin to Petto Joshikousei, aka The Beast and His Pet High School Girl???! PLEASE? I'll receive the Japanese manga next month B)...PLEASE???? 

    1. ayne


      It looks pretty neat. :) I take it that you'd be willing to translate it? And would you be able to scan it?

    2. chillipadi


      Just received the manga..oni90.needs some work with the silly scanneroni93

  3. Galism Chapter 28_TL.doc View File Final chapter of Galism Submitter chillipadi Submitted 06/26/17 Category Translations  
  4. Can I suggest that we take "Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san"?

    1. ayne


      Ah sorry, I didn't see it. I'll check it out this weekend! There was another group working on it earlier, maybe they have leftovers but I'd need to contact them on IRC...

  5. Only one chapter left...holiday, here I come!!!

  6. I've been an evil member for 6 years!!! Now, where's the flowers?

    1. ayne


      /throws big boquet at chili

      Thanks for being here for so looong! :D Hope you stay for many years to come.~

  7. my stupid PC can't detect Wi-Fi

  8. Thank you all...the last chapter of Amakusa is up

    1. ayne


      Thanks chilli, you did a great job! :3

  9. I'm at the climax of Amakusa: Do not disturb

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tessa


      I saw... those heads on the spears gave me the creeps.

    3. chillipadi


      I told you...it's getting exciting

    4. lat
  10. Nothing is going to keeep me away from Amakusa

    1. Tessa
    2. chillipadi


      That includes you, Tessa...

    3. Tessa


      plenty keep me away from Amakusa, but I'm getting there =))

  11. Wb, chilli. :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ayne


      I must admit, I've been a bit stalker-ish. x'D Saw you posting amakusa, thanks.~ :]

    3. lat


      Welcome back! :) i think Neko sorted it out so you could access the staff bit again?:)

    4. chillipadi


      Ya, I can access and added another chapter.

  12. hey chilli~ did you get my PM?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. chillipadi


      Sorry, having some technical issues …trying to recover my files

    3. SoRa.


      Awwww okay no probs, we'll wait for you to recover them~ thanks :D

    4. SoRa.


      Hey sweetie, any luck with the recovery of your files?

  13. just skiving

    1. Tessa


      welcome back! *big hug*

  14. Aww thank you :D I hope your race with Neko is going well! :D

  15. ok...I'll start work

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