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  1. back to work!! e_e

  2. She said she will try to finish the chapter by this weekend, but I will be reassigning her to a different project because she doesn't like RR. Let me know if you get the other TL to work on it!

  3. I last talked to her at the end of June, she said it was a slow frustrating work for her, but she wanted to finish the chapter. I left her a message so i'm waiting on her to get back to me on it :x do you have another TLer for it?

  4. I'll give it a few more days and then assign it to myself if not.

  5. Hellooo, yeah I just temporarily assigned it to myself but there were a few new people who wanted to join so I was going to wait and assign it to one of them...but they never got back to me...T_T

  6. oh my gosh I totally messed up the chapter/volume name/order because it was jumping around so much. I feel so bad!! yes please tell her the right chapter for me ;_;

  7. Sepia

    yes i haven't heard back from seryne in a while. The new translator's taken ciel now, so hopefully we'll get it moving!

  8. Sepia

    sob I did but last time i checked she was still working on it, which was why I translated the next chapter myself ): There's a new translator who would like to take Ciel but she won't be available til june 20th. Do you want me to translate the chapter myself then?

  9. ohh that's weird...but thank you!!

  10. Sepia

    sorry for the late response but yay!! I did assign a new KTL to kumiho though, but I dont think she started yet.

  11. Sepia

    not at the moment actually...but if you're in a hurry for it I can do it so let me know~

  12. oh but let me know if needs translator asap, I can do some until we find a translator~

  13. hmm okay currently I don't think we have any active KTL without projects..OTL..but I'll keep that in mind!

  14. Sepia

    hi hi~~ thanks for remembering! x3 The moving went pretty well, now I'm adjusting to the new life until I have to move again in August lol ;_;

  15. Sepia

    oh gosh thank you so much for reminding me, I've been so busy with finals/graduation/moving that I forgot to check the thread >_<

  16. I don't know what CB is..D: OTL

  17. oh god how did that happen..will get to that right away!

  18. Sepia

    oh okay thank you for letting me know!

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