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  1. ty for letting me know! I was trying to check the forums for update/etc but forums were all sorts of nuts at the time e_e
  2. If I remember correctly, we already finished translation for Dear My Girls? I would double check but our forums are a bit problematic right now, I apologize. In case it is unavailable, were there any other projects you were interested in?
  3. Are you specifically interested in the Naver webtoons? (I enjoyed both of them when they were ongoing) I would have to ask the other staff (cleaners, proofreaders, etc) to see if they will pick up the new projects but we are kind of full at the moment with non-webtoons. If you're interested in manhwas, we do need translators for Blue Bird and Shadow of Moon.
  4. Hello! Thank you for your message, but we do have an active translator for Pine already. Is there a different project you're interested in? We would love to have you for other works!
  5. It really depends on the project-- we have high priority projects and low priority projects, so it can range from few weeks to months depending on the priority/holidays/etc. Are you interested in a particular project?
  6. 7 Seeds +_+
  7. I have to agree with previously mentioned "Boku to Aka-chan"...........most heart-touching, saddest manga I have ever read. Also, can't forget grave of the fireflies!
  8. Sae from Peach Girl made me so angry ):...
  9. LOL I love uno...and then my friends created a game that incorporated Uno and Risk! together... and Wrong!! But I guess Toxic XD
  10. oh my gosh I have completely forgotten about this manga since onemanga went down ;; thank you for reminding meee I prefer it over Death Note~
  11. haha so cute. I have a bunny of my own