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  1. XD SOWEEEE >_< AHH !CONGRATS ON BEING AN ADMIN~ You're right XD YESH. You should join us XD Tell me and I'll add you up Ahhh~ I missed lots of things here <_<>_<>_> @[email protected]
  2. BUNNEH KINGDOM Soweee guys this came in too late I w as burdened by *COUGH*cleaninandmoderatingdutiesatprojectnoirandistillhavesome graphicseditingsessionswithmyfriendihavetoteachherandmakeupfor thelosttimei'vebeenawayfromymelseshe'llkillme*COUGH* Anyways, without further ado, here's our Kingdom! If the Anti-Bunnehs have an opening thread, we Bunnehs also have one! After all, they are not the only AWESOME ones So...YAY FOR BUNNEH CLUB! This one's a killer XDD click me Drool in her cuteness click me Look at this: click me Even celebs And no matter what you do... click me BUNNEHS GONNA DOMINATE THE WORLDZ!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ------------ so anyone up for any monarchy positions? Since we have a kingdom an all... Monarchy: Faye: Royal Queen StarriBeri: Royal Knight Hira: Royal Police Officer...XD Tessa: Royal Guardian Misc.: ToxicStream: Supporter ------------ Tessa, I hope it's okay to post this one up
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