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  1. hey there! i jst wantd to say that i like manga more than anime,tho each has its own caracteristics umm manga is more creative i think, it has more details to "notice" tho it gets boring compared to anime sometimes since the development is a bit slow n.n
  2. oh u and i are the same age, ill turn 21 in may ^^ its quite comforting to find pple of the same age as me and being intrestd in manga/anime (tho it doesnt matter that much to me )
  3. well everyone watched anime when they were kids,right? for me it was the same bt i quit um in middle school, bt my aunt is an otaku (lol) so i kinda said she's old and watches anime so why not me, bt wt made me hookd was vampire knight and naruto n.n
  4. i like the art,i like the characters but its true that its getting too dramatic and i think that the main character lost her carefree attitude so um to me it lost a bit of its charm tho i have to admit that the 2 bishies of twins are totally hot =3 so i'll continue reading jst for their sake *fire*
  5. OMG i simply ADORE this manga =3 its true that its hard to keep up with it, bt its totally worth it =3 i adore the clumsy part of rai...soooo cute o(>o<)o
  6. i loooooooooooooove that manga =3 (dnt like the anime that much tho >< ) bt i have to admit that it wud ve been better if it was updated as often as naruto instead of twice a month *pouts* and i have to say that the caracters' evolving is quite slow..bt idc!! i want sthn to happen between ren and kyoko in the next chapter no matter wt TToTT
  7. mine are zettai kareshi and tsuki no shippo (well i dnt remember exactly which one) and i became addicted to manga right away hehe i actually think i missd sthn during all the time when i thought it was stupid to read manga when u have anime, becoz the manga is always special and nw i prefer manga to anime n.n
  8. i also like ghost hunt, kindaishi shounen no jikenbo (quite old tho) D.gray man, darker than blach,durarara!,katanagatari and my absolutely favorite : arakawa under the bridge...i hate that empty feeling u gt once they're finished or when u wait for the next season TToTT bt id have to say that i really liked the plot of all of them =3
  9. im watching darker than black season 2 and dragon crisis (still ongoing) hmm i actually have no complaints regarding DTB except that i dnt like the female main character lol abt dragon crisis,im hoping it doesnt disappoint me!!
  10. argh, id have to say psychich detective yakumo..its quite disappointing >< and quite boring actually u_u"' for those who dnt knw it its a mystery that resembles a lot ghost hunt bt with a pretty charismatic main character.. yea and i agree,kaichu wa maid sama is disappointing too!! they took out my favorite scenes!! and the pres seems a bit idiotic u_u"'
  11. a lot of manga actually if u count the ones that im waiting for their updates, especially skip beat and D.gray man bt im currently reading Noblesse =3 its a manga abt um sm kinda "vampire" that has been asleep for over 800 years,he doesnt cope well with nowadays technology so its pretty funny..
  12. hmm good question, i think i may"ve cried several times (lol hw embarrassing >< ) but mostly after watching the anime movie grave of the fireflies......TToTT and also when i thought allen walker died in D.gray man ><"
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