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  1. In my most vulnerable state.. They showed me how they took my integrity.. It's not that I don't have integrity.. I've stated two different reasons for one question, but it doesn't mean I don't have integrity.. I have my reasons.. I have to protect myself.. It may not be the right way, but I had no choice.. If I don't protect myself, who else would? It was the wrong way to protect myself, but at least I know I tried my best.. It feels like I can't face them anymor...

  2. Got dizzy at work and almost fainted because of the heat.. T_T

    1. Tessa


      I'm sorry to hear that *pats*

  3. when you thought that everything's going to be okay.. when you thought that he meant everything he said... and he just told he wasn't drunk and then he changes he's mind and said he was drunk.. what's he thinking? what's the truth?

  4. This turns out to be the saddest birthday I will ever have.. T_T

    1. angel0407


      I was so stupid that I've concluded something that I wasn't sure. I haven't even thought that he may be drunk.. T_T

  5. Thank you nanami. ^^ It turned out to be the saddest birthday.. T_T

  6. Happy Birthday! Have a good one!~ :D

  7. happy birthday :)

  8. My birthday is coming. I invited the guy I like and his friends to come over to the house. I just talked to him and he was asking me if why didn't i invited the other girl. Does this mean that he likes this girl? I wanted to spend time with him on that special day. I guess, it's just impossible. T_T

    1. lat


      hey, happy birthday today :) did he come in the end? It doesn't mean he likes her don't worry ^^ He might have just been nervous you asked him!

    2. angel0407


      He's coming tomorrow.. ^^ hopefully he really will.. thank you, lat.. ^^

    3. lat


      good luck! :)

  9. It's so nice to read comments after a chapter you did is posted. ^^

    1. lat


      i love that too :D It's so nice :)

    2. angel0407
  10. hello wickedely. it's nice to meet you too.. ^^

  11. angel! hi nice to meet you! I'm filipino also!

  12. it's okay. ^^ no worries. i wonder if that's your real name, Eunbiec. hmmm..

  13. oh and you can just call me eunbie :)

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