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  1. lat

    happy birthday!! :D

  2. lat

    ayne <3 how was your birthday!! <3

  3. Heya!! :D how's it going?! Good xmas and NY? :D

    1. Nekomikoto


      busy busy busy busy busy >.<

      what about you

    2. lat


      Same >.< eeps. I want to get un-busy again XD

  4. lat

    happy birthday other lat! XD

  5. Playing my first MMO - ff xiv, and loving it!! XD Does anyone else play it?

    1. Tessa


      stop playing and go back to work!! @.@

    2. lat


      hehehehehhee :D

  6. lat

    Welcome to EF!! Thanks so much for your first chapter translation :) we are very grateful!

    1. IRa


      Your welcome~ I was so excited to work on my first korean-english translation ever! I've only ever tried english-korean translations, and they were only just for fun~ So this is really fun for me~

    2. lat


      that's exciting!! :) I'm glad you're finding it fun~ and thank you so much! :)

  7. heya exp! Long time no speak :D How are you?

  8. heya, it's been agessss! how are things? :)

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    2. lat


      yeah cb been forever for me too haha

    3. jujubejules


      I talk to grandma almost daily. She keeps trying to convince me to show up on cb hahaha

    4. lat


      hehehehe same here 8D

  9. lat

    Hey, it's been ages XD How are you?

  10. Thanks so much for helping with everything! How are things? :)

    1. tomorei


      No problem! I'm currently about to start my last high school year so I'm quite busy for a while >.<.

  11. Heya, nice to meet you! How are things going? Thanks for your help ^.^

  12. Hey! Nice to mee you :) Are you enjoying EF? :) Thanks for joining!

    1. miraculous


      Hi lat! I'm enjoying it so far though I haven't translated much in the last few months since I'm busy. Everyone's been so friendly and helpful :D

    2. lat


      That's great, thank so much :D If you need anything let me know!

  13. Hey nice to meet you :) How are you enjoying EF?

  14. heya! It's been ages!!! How are you ? :)

  15. hey! Long time no speak! How are things? :)

    1. Tessa


      Lat, stop spamming everybody's profile =))

    2. lat


      hahah i missed everyone though! :D

  16. heya! long time no speak XD how's things?

    1. x5caramel (charlatte)

      x5caramel (charlatte)

      Lat, hi! Everything's just a bit hectic with college around the corner, but it's super exciting hehe! How's you?

    2. lat


      heya!! ohhh good luck with college :D I'm good thanks, work has kept me busy XD And the weather is rubbish in the UK haha (nothing unusual there) but I'm good thanks!! :D

  17. Hey neko :) do you know where the font list for chitose is please? I had a look but couldn't find it, probably is somewhere v obvious XD Thanks

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    2. Nekomikoto


      sorry I couldn't reply sooner lat :S I'm pretty much busy the majority of the day on Fridays and Saturdays.

    3. lat


      That's alright :) I suddenly remembered where it was xD Hehe Thank you :)

    4. lat


      That's alright :) I suddenly remembered where it was xD Hehe Thank you :)

  18. Hello! Welcome to EF :) thanks so much for helping out :)

  19. Hello! Welcome to EF :) thanks so much for helping out :)

    1. Kamizamurai


      You're welcome Lat :) Np!

  20. lat

    Have fun in Romania~~~ <3 want piccies of the dress you go for!! <3

    1. SoRa.


      Thanks!!! Haha I'm already back home when you messaged me xD but I chose that lighter one in the end! <3 And i forgot to take a pic of the dress >__<

  21. lat

    Welcome to EF! :) Thanks for helping :)

    1. Amaya
    2. lat


      and thanks so much with your help for Grimm - I love this manga :D

    3. Amaya


      me too :D, thats why I joined EF ... I wanted to see more releases of CGP =)

  22. hello!! I saw your post on the forum - welcome back1! :D

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