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  1. You're right. Your next. ^^
  2. A six volume (ongoing) shoujo manga published in 2008.
  3. Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume?
  4. So that it is not just lists, add in what you like and don't like about the anime you are watching. :X Yumeiro Patissiere - A little childish for my tastes, but I mostly watch the anime because the sweets look very delicious. Also, the main female character makes a lot of funny faces. Hakuouki – It’s a bishie paradise. It is a little slow moving since it you have to wait awhile for the subs --- due to the fact that it is still airing in Japan. I don’t really not like anything about this anime since I mostly watch it because of the bishies. *_* Uragiri wa Boku no Naname o Shitteiru – It’s a shounen-ai, so I wouldn’t suggest watching it if you don’t like anime with that kind of genre. The anime is slower moving than the manga, so I haven’t watched it in a while. That’s all the anime that I have watched recently.
  5. yuumei

    Hi there~

    Hello, I have many nicknames, but just call me yuumei. I have two sisters, and I live with my mom, dad, and little sister --- the older one lives by herself. Oh, yeah, I'm 22 --- I keep putting 21 still since my birthday was 1 week ago (the 13th of May). My hobbies are reading manga and novels/books, making graphics, surfing the Internet, and watching anime. I have previous scanlator group experience. I was a proofreader at Manga Abyss, an editor at Nagareboshi Manga, and I am now the co-admin and head proofreader at another group. That's about it. Nice to meet everyone here. ^^
  6. Inside. Books or manga?
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