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  1. I figured this could be a good place to do some discussions of the current chapters. So I'm confused with the poison. I thought Kainen had drank it all because he was saying he couldn't have her die because of her love for him. But she did drink some and it slowly ate away at her? And did Kainen actually like her but couldn't bring himself to say anything and so that's why he was so forthcoming with Asarell because he didn't want her to getaway form him without her knowing how he felt? I love the story but the plots pretty confusing with all the characters and the various histories they share. So please shre your thoughts
  2. In that case I'll be happy to try the test if possible
  3. Hi, I'd be interested in a QCers position, but I don't want to commit to something if I know I cannot give it my best. Typically how much time is dedicated to the job? (A rough estimate is fine).
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