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  1. :DDD...freaky,but true. cotang you should try closing ur eyes or something
  2. i read it like 2 years ago,it was really good,you can get your psychological stuff with this as well . though im surprised that a boy has read it @onions5@
  3. chillli

    Hello :)

    oh,well at least you have some good blood in there as well and i dont really get from where the pentagram came after heavy drinking,but maybe im too slow...
  4. chillli

    Hello :)

    HEyy,so you're 'erdélyi'? or just a romanian living there?
  5. damnyou,damnyou,damnyou deus!!!!! that spider creeped me out like hell....,i will have goosebumps for a day at least...brrr....damn big creepy creatures... (i hope they stay there foreveeeer) oh,and hi Faerie!
  6. im watching mushishi too...just im slow with it...its not bad,but because its episodic,and somehow a very calm story-telling anime,i dont have the urge to watch more episodes in one go...which is sad. and im watching some anime-movies too (coulndt in one go either),like Akira and Paprika .
  7. mangatraders uploads it pretty fast too,i always download it from their site,but i dunno about the online-reading sites,cus i dont use them.
  8. but teenage ninja mutant turtles live in New York...
  9. waahh @onions93@ no way...im depressed now...tho im in netherland,so not THAT depressed ...but anyway,its kinda sad,maybe,if ur a staff member here anyway,u can convince Tessa to pick up another George Asakura manga @onions101@ ,tho u have a looot of great projects...u should definitely find someone to do them!!! @onions63@
  10. hihi hellu! hope u ate some brownies already!!
  11. heyya! i looove stiletto heels, and GEORGE ASAKURA is my ultimate favourite,so waiting for heart o uchinomese to be updated like constantly,tho i love ur other projects too!! @onions101@ so Suimitsutou no Yoru is a future project here @onions78@ ,ohemgee, and with piece of cake as well,im gonna die in happyness i think...
  12. 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @onions54@ we won,no questions!! whatever cotang does,it does not affect the fact that we (mostly me) won!!!! and i quit,this game is tiring.... toxic,u can thank me in any sort of way u want (i like chocolate)
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