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  1. haha, my eyes aren't normally that squinty, its just bright in that pic. But yes, im half asian.
  2. toshiro broke the curse so now I can post. Me in PR: In Dupont Circle (just cuz the photo looks cool)
  3. haha, it just always seems like you were the one to catch me. =^)
  4. @baby: Thats pretty awesome, most people so far have had no idea what most of those are. I only recently got certified so I've only done 2 dives, but both were epic. (first was in a quarry in frigid weather though) When is your b-day if you don't mind me asking? Of course we got along, like peas in a pod
  5. lol, you are a pain in my *** jk, you keep me in line and make sure I dont ramble too much. Nice to see you back in action, keep up the good work. p.s. was that you in the editor section? =^(
  6. Welcome. =^D GO MOM GO!!!! Lol, jk. Okay, this may seem ignorant on my part, but culturally, are you supposed to have an arranged marriage and give a dowry and stuff? Why isnt your sis looking for her ipod?
  7. That doesn't sound fun, I don't think I'd like traveling much either if I did traveling (moving) instead of traveling (vacation). Problem is, shoujo is the most popular online atm (all the fangirls).
  8. ......okay........ anyway, hows the hubby hunt going hira? =^D
  9. @tamtam: It's because Nura gets bored easily, so to occupy time, he posed a welcome to peeps. (and forever just ctrl+C, ctrl+V)
  10. Air Force is pretty cool, if I were to pick a division, that's what I would chose. @Megumi, people lie to you all the time, you just dont realize it. >=^)
  11. I have a larger list that includes more Shoujo, I think, if you want that. Haha, Hira truck driver. Anyway, diving's pretty tight, breathing underwater and all, feels like time stops when your down there. @hira, where have you traveled?
  12. mullet (the hairstylist who cut his hair said he had a mullet, ROFL)
  13. keep both the potions and go back out, sell them and make millions. What would you do if you were walking and all of a sudden you saw a one-eyed monkey riding a unicycle and juggling bananas but NOT eating them?
  14. Too bright. I'm obviously on a shoujo site now, before I could deny. =^( Have you ever eaten something and then realize you were allergic to it?
  15. are you taking that from the previous forum? *looks around for that post* 46
  16. Nice to meet you Deea, our slave drivers...er...admins are from Bucharest. (really need a strike button) Hope you have a good day and enjoy your time here. Love your Sig btw. =^)
  17. Welcome Mitsuki (or Bianca, whichever you prefer =^P) Nice to see some fresh blood..er...people around here. Hope you enjoy your stay. p.s. on another note, forever, is your msg the same on everyone's intro forever?
  18. Hey....nice...to...meet you....*got distracted by all the glitter that forever has*......
  19. Jackfrost would have been better...
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