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  1. Hello! Welcome! Nice to meet you !
  2. Is Liar Game really that good? The summary made it seem too complicated... @onion30@
  3. There are various Manga and Manhwa that should be turned or be continued in to anime. My list include ...Hana Kimi, 1/2 Prince,The One, Until Death do us part, shipwrecked ,continuation of Skip Beat , continuation of Basara ,and continuation of Ouran High School Host Club . Recently alot of the new animes are crap. @onion7@ Mostly ecchi and fan service. For me the last best season with various anime shows to watch was the 2009 spring season. @onion22@ (Remembering the good old times.. @onion29@ )What about you? What manga/manhwa should be turned or be continued into an anime?
  4. I never finished TORADORA! I got boring halfway. @onion32@
  5. you're banned because you are a hater
  6. I would get sad and buy another one. What would you do if some one framed you for a crime you didn't commit?
  7. Nope ! @onion35@ But I like to give makeovers ! @onion9@
  8. Hi! Nice to meet you!
  9. Welcome! Nice to meet you! Better late than sorry! (^o^)
  10. Hakuouki is the only manga I ma currently watching. Its amazing! @onion8@ I hope they do a second season!
  11. I love this manga! There's action, a solid good plot line , a kick ass heroine (she rocks even though she is 12 she's strong not like those lame ass heroine @onion7@ that all they do is cry and depend on the guy to save them!), the main guy is interesting and a total bishie. @onion24@ The art is beautiful and the side charterers are super interesting. I give it a thumps up! @onion20@ I recommended it! Oh by the way Jesus is back !(Hitman Jesus) I wonder how this manga is going to end? @onion35@ I hope its amazing and doesn't crash and burn. It has a lot of potential.
  12. I got the pigges of this page...There's lots of them! there so cute! Nice to meet everyone! http://glitter-graphics.com/graphics/210773
  13. Hello everyone nice to meet you! For starters the new site is amazing! @onion24@ My name is Azharea. I am 16 years old. I live in Miami, Fl, U.S.A. I am of Hispanic descent. I love all sorts of cute things! I started with anime back in 8th grade. I have read all sorts of manga. But my all time favorites are Basara and From Far Far away. The only anime Iam currently watching is Hakuouki. ( Its amazing! I recommended it everyone should watch it! @onion20@ ) I like all sorts of Music. My all time favorite bands are Daft Punk and Coldplay. @onion29@ i am going to be a senior next year. @onion22@ Well thats a bit about me.Bye!
  14. Hello nice to meet you!
  15. Hello! Nice to meet you!
  16. Hello there! Nice to meet you!
  17. Welcome! Nice to meet you!
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