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  1. Your crazy. You need help from the white people! And I would probably get really angry. What would you do if your friend stole your bf or gf?
  2. I think for Gakuen Alice to be turned into an anime, the manga has to finished. @onion22@ But I definitely agree! @onion20@ Gakuen Alice dissevers a second season! @onion29@
  3. Welcome! Nice to meet you! (*O*)
  4. the one is amazing! @onion29@ Cant wait for more chapters!
  5. i love it! Its amazing! @onion29@ The bishies are so hot!!!!!!!!!!! @onion24@
  6. Yupe. Recently most of all the new anime is ecchi crap. @onion7@ We need our good anime back! Like in spring of 2009! There were alot of good ones then..... @onion22@
  7. Hello there! Nice to meet you !(^o^)
  8. Arakawa Under the Bridge and Kaichou wa Maid-Sama both bored me. ()
  9. Welcome! Nice to meet you! I am planning to pursue medicine too. @onion29@
  10. your banned because your being to picky
  11. i would scream !Go to the hospital and then sue that person for negligence and personal damage. What would you do if your parents tell you all of sudden you are engaged to who knows who?
  12. Yupe on certain foods. Whats your favorite type of candy?
  13. you banned because your too affectionate
  14. ops! Sorry about that! warm! brown m and m's or yellow m and m's
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