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  1. Tessa

    Happy b-day Linn! :)

  2. linnexpress.wordpress.com

  3. Currently on Spring Break! Any projects to QC?

  4. I'm really lost with the new forum.

    1. Cheesecake


      It takes a while to get used to it. The fourm is the same as the old fourm, except we have new stuff in it and it's also used as a website. If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Might be helpful to read this: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/topic/2924-new-website-forum/#entry58982

  5. I've talked to her. She said that she would come back to me but it's been like almost a month already and I'm completely free for the next four weeks so, this is the perfect time for me to complete some projects.

  6. Please give me some uncompleted projects....

    1. Nekomikoto


      Talk to ayne about it, since she's head of QCers she will assign you something :3

    2. Linn


      I've talked to her. She said that she would come back to me but it's been like almost a month already and I'm completely free for the next four weeks so, this is the perfect time for me to complete some projects.

  7. I'm so happy!!! Finally uploaded and finished first chapter!!

  8. Completely stressing out! Chinese translators! Help me out please!!

  9. Please please help me! The chapter is due tomorrow!! It's in the same post thread that you helped me before with!!

  10. Please translate it for me!! Look at my topics!

  11. Linn

    Hi! Linn Here!

    @Elle. I used to love Fairly Odd Parents... But I rarely get to watch it anymore... Haha. I don't have Foxtel. I watch it when I go back to Malaysia though.. There's a one hour special of Korra this weekend?? Yay!! Oh yeah about Danny Phantom.. I used to watch it when I was younger but I don't REALLY LOVE it. I have exams tooo.... @Nekomikoto Hi! Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. @Cheesecake I get that feeling too!! I kinda hate what they did to the relationships. Why are Mako and Bolin kissing so many girls..? I kinda lost all respect for Mako now. But I'm still devastated at what happened in the final episode...
  12. So much homework....

  13. Ahh... internet so slow...

  14. Hi! oni43/> I'm Linn! Ayne recommended to me that I introduce myself here! I was born in Singapore (Chinese), spent most of my childhood there, then moved to Australia with my family and has been living here for the past 7 years. I grew up on watching Anime and reading Manga. My parents worked in Japan for 2 years and later brought my siblings and I there for a holiday when I was 3. Then later again when I was 7. Because of that, I was always attracted to Japan and its culture. I Like: -Reading [Grew up on Enid Blyton. Favourite Author is Meg Cabot. Favourite Series: Mediator Series.] -Writing [Currently writing my own Cell Phone Novel. Loves writing Fanfiction as well.] -Anime & Manga [Fan or Shoujo and Shounen... also Josei..? Talk to me about it!] -Cartoons [Grew up watching X-men and Justice League, as well as: Teen Titans, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, you get the idea. Still love it. Fan of Looney tunes? I also grew up watching Winnie the Pooh!] -Basketball [Not very good at it though.] I am able to understand Chinese. [speaking fluently and writing fluently may be a problem.. But I can definitely speak it properly. I just can't say everything that I want to say.] I am able to understand Japanese. [same with Chinese just that I'm more confident with Japanese because I like it more!] Talk to me in Japanese! It'll be fun! I have a soft spot of Kansai-ben and Osaka-ben as well! The Fukui accent is good too! I feel like this is getting too long so I'm going to end it with: I'm a new QC in-training! And I'll continue to do my best! I'm also a fan of the AVATAR series! Have you guys watched the second season of Korra? The ending?! Talk to me about it! I need to talk to someone about it! oni75 That still isn't enough to express my emotions... *sigh* Talk to me! oni15/>
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