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  1. hi hika chan.....

    it's been so long.....but i know you've been very busy. thanks for remembering.....you were the only one who did.....you really are sweet....see ya! ^^

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! although iforgot which date in sept it was >.< HAHA :P

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for sending me the test.

    But the letters of the texts are kind of small and zooming in the image doesn't help much either. So I would like to ask you if you have another copy where the letters of the text are bigger and easier to read.

    If not, it's ok, I'll try to work on this one.


  4. hikaichi

    Hi there !

    hello! I don't talk much soo uhmm spam Dx? LOL! welcome neway xD!
  5. hikaichi

    Michibata no Tenshi, and I have raws!

    i read it on the forums on mangafox -> but yeah i suppose o.O
  6. hikaichi

    You're banned!

    you're banned because i replied. o.o after you.
  7. hikaichi

    Michibata no Tenshi, and I have raws!

    i just looked it up on mangafox again, it seems that mangaONE is re-picking this up again though, so i have no idea..hrmm
  8. hikaichi

    ¤Tug Of War¤

  9. hikaichi

    Three Word Story

    pancakes for breakfast....
  10. hikaichi

    You're banned!

    you're banned for giving her chocolate!
  11. hikaichi

    Three Word Story

    and after, screamed
  12. hikaichi

    Hi people it's me again!

    Hahaha, will you be translating for us again xD? welcome back again btw
  13. hikaichi

    Hello, Evil flowers!!(no, I'm not good flower)

    hihi :3 -likes your post about liking anime.manga.reading books- -goes "bleh" at football- >.> lmfao :] enjoy your stay and hope to see you around our forums so we can "bully" you in our games >.> lmfao.
  14. hikaichi

    ¤Tug Of War¤

    58 o.o
  15. hikaichi

    You're banned!

    you're banned cos you were talking to akari about sigs O.O

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