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  1. welcome to the forum!! wow another book lover! we have soo many of those here maybe we should start like a book recommendation thread in open talk XD *too lazy* so someone else do it!!! oh and nice sig btw :] where did u get that image from or did tessa find it?? its aweesome!! anyway welcome again!! :]
  2. starriberi


  3. starriberi


    whats gunpla?! and welcome to the forum!! another korean! we hav so many koreans these daays XD (not complaining its a bad thing tho!!)
  4. business marketing?! OMG XD sounds boring... *cough* ohh cjb stand for ur korean namee? XD is ur last name choi?! XDD *random guess* so glad im on holidays atm tho
  5. starriberi


    ahnyong! wow! another korean translator?! oh noo that means more translating and more eidting work!! ]: oh well XD welcome to the forum!!
  6. you're banned for leaving! ]:
  7. trust me on this one. Im weirder and randomer. anyone who says they are weird and random, is not weird and random to me. hana phoenix wright or miles edgeworth?
  8. ham i dun like cheese jump or hop
  9. ahnyong!!! XD (im not korean ;3) does cjb stand for anything? o_O welcome to the forum!! :] im a college/university student as well ^^ what are you studying atm? im so sick of uni... @[email protected] its killing me
  10. bums energy hat amazing popcorn pops yay! dngmleo
  11. become a vampire what would you do if your ear hurt?
  12. new category: something you can see while you are typing at your comp/laptop. Arm... XD
  13. i wouldnt recommend the drama personally, the manga is MUCH better and even tho the art isnt the most attractive, once you get into the story, u wont even be thinking about the art
  14. the eye of the world eh? gonna take a look at that and i was looking for a good long series
  15. so THATS wut u were reading?!
  16. hahaha welcome to EF another slave for tessa XD im sure she'll be super happy ! see you around
  17. U FORGOT THE LETTERS TOO!!! jdmejsl
  18. yaay! hira is right! now dont be lazy!!!
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