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  1. check mangafox. its still kind of active.
  2. scanners just scan the pages of the raw manga they have so we can access them online and edit them and translate them and stuff o_O if ur already made manga is already in english and looks fine to u then u dont need anymore editing or anything
  3. wut? is it a manga that u drew..? or is it a raw manga that u have purchased? or is it a manga that u want us to work on? o_o you will need to have ur own scanner if u want to scan manga in your own possession, we cant send a scanning machine to you.
  4. starriberi

    Hello :)

    ooo dragos?! COOL NAME! like dragon
  5. starriberi

    Hello :)

    WOAH x5ga ARE YOU A GENIUS?!?! hollyy craaap how do u work all that stuff out!!! mm i like tea too, but im not fussed about wut i drink XD my fav is chrysanthenum (cant spell) tea tho with a bit of rock sugar its yummmmmo oh and is there an easier thing i can call u? x4ga is kinda awkward to type hahaa
  6. starriberi

    Hello :)

    ohhh how do astronomy comps work then? @onions96@ what kind of tea do u drink? and do u like brew it in a special way? o_o and i dont think theres anything wrong with a med student being interested in astronomy :]
  7. starriberi

    Hello :)

    hahahah i love your sig XD and im gonna not use grammar hohoho anywayyss welcome! i see uve been an editor for some while tho XD but nvm!! welcome to the team i only noe one of ur top 5 anime and i only noe one of ur top 5 manga lool XD astronomy contest? whats that??? o_o looking at stars? wooow u like tea?? and wuts "fluffy" j-music? o_o
  8. we do not add to the drawings at all, we just clean the scans to make them look better by making whites whiter and the blacks blacker.
  9. starriberi


    hi suzumi! welcome to the forums!
  10. starriberi


    nice to meet u too!!! :] hahah arent we all procrastinators deep down inside?! wut kind of anime and manga are u into ^^
  11. wut that spider is nothing, ive seen bigger!
  12. ooo ni hao konnichiwa! ahhaha im 100% chinese TOO but i live in EASTERN aussie (melbourne to be exact haha) and i hateeee spiders which really sucks cos australia has like tonnes and tonnes of spiders and we have like some of the biggest as well hahaha 12 YEARS OLD?! omgsh SO YOUNG!!! and ur already good at graphic stuffs?! i didnt get good til i was 18!! hahaa anywaays welcome
  13. you're banned cos i had a wierd dream
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