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  1. both are so scary.. D=... ocean I'll be taken away by the tide lake i won't but there is a higher likelihood of parasites.... Umm.. UHhhh.... AHhhh..... NOoOoooooooooo...... *melts in the water* I guess ocean. when you take off your pants, do you undo the button first or the zipper?
  2. I don't want either D= sandwich or bagel?
  3. granted but then you are allergic to it and it sells cheaper than water. I wish i could go back to sleep.
  4. haha... i don't even remember what the word was. Maybe x5ga will remember =P
  5. tamtam

    A to Z

    (I have no idea why I said bald eagle.. O_O) El Paso
  6. granted, but then there are no more fun people D= (OH NOESS) I wish.. doge was real~
  7. But there disguises were horrible and they were recognized right away.
  8. lose a leg. stuck in a cage or hamster ball?
  9. i would sculpt it into a pile of mashed potatoes >=) (on that note, we also have a "what would you do if...?" game thread too =P) Do you live by the water?
  10. >.>.................. no....? =D uhhhh nekomimi?
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