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  1. tamtam

    Roses are red...

    So this fateful day has come again! It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday~ Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend. Oh, or do you mean *le gasp* Valentine's Day? Seeing as how we're all such fans of manga/anime (right? right?) I thought it would be rather suiting to bring up how Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan. In Japan, Valentine's Day is a day when girls give chocolate to their special someones as a way to express or confess their feelings. Sometimes girls will also give obligatory chocolates to "the others", which is often the left over, failed chocolates from when you're making your pretty love-love chocolate (hey, someone's got to eat them right?). When giving chocolates, it is mandatory to cosplay. Dressing up as a cute maid is often essential to boost the effects of your "special chocolate". If effective, the male will return the favor by gifting you with a present a month later on "White Day". The ceremony will then be complete and you would then have successfully enslaved a live zombie *chant chant*. *ahem* So here's my chocolate for you (yes you!)~ I spent all night googling it for you in the kitchen so I hope it's tasty! Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day~ <3 PS: A little "pretty girl" fun from one of our lovely staffies~ For today we have: Haikei Date Masamune-sama v01 ch04 + v02 ch05 [Thank our joint partner Shoujo Crusade, too!] Non Non Biyori v03 ch18 Suki Kirai Suki v02 ch06 Please note that downloads will be available in two days. Why? It would be nice if readers spend more time on our site and maybe even participate on our Forum. For now you can read our releases on the reader:
  2. taxes~ (maybe because bears are more important than beer?)
  3. MU HUA HUA HUA HUA you guys have been betrayed by a sly little cat =P reset at 50 ^^
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