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  1. By the way, Eid ki kurbani kay liyah kiyah khareeda? Gaae, bakri, or pahaarh bakri? Mountain goats pwns *cough*

  2. I hear a lot of Indians say that word, lol.

    Teek hai, chor day ta hoon.

    They don't even know how search engines work. >_>. They think yahoo shows more "reliable & trustworthy results" than google. And what's worse is that our lectureres don't know shit either.

    Don't ask <_<

    Dunno, never heard of such stuff.<...

  3. ,lol. She's also three years older than me =/

    What thing?

  4. Lmao, it IS hindi! I just translated it =P

    I did, you rejeceted it! Kya patha hoo, meri dua shaid kabool hojay? =P Keesi ki be soni ja sakthi hai.

    You'd be surprised at the number of computer illertates in my class... =/ Of course, that excludes "how to use facebook".

    Yeah... one of my group's female member's a local and she's a scary bitch, ...

  5. And thats when digimon was good. After the 3'rd series, it turned crap. I used to watch it in Arabic lol. The channel didnt air the dubbed version. It's how I learnt arabic when I was a kid.

  6. My group did add images and stuff into the slideshow, but since they were so powerpoint illiterate, they actually ended up reducing the images quality. The images seem so blurry.

    Lulz, I ditched the peresenation =D my mom got a call form the student office asking where I was, she told told em I was sick. Im dead on sunday tho... >_> I had to talk abt how to perevent air poll...

  7. ROFL @ Savasth. (Healthy.)

    Lol, youre the one who rejected a "dua" offering, that makes you a kafir!

    Ha, I know gaye soap. Ive seen the ad a few times. Our country makes the lamest detergernt ads. <_<

    And yet, getting into a top pak university isn't a joke.

  8. yeah, globalization. Got a group presentation on Tuesday and I haven't done my part yet =/

    Our slideshow looks bad, too.

    by the way, just noticed this "hawkmon1200"

    Digimon fan?

  9. "jao phir" Yeah, couldnt understand the last part. *cough*

    Mushkhil is a weak word =P Lol, thats how u forget things? by eating stuff? Nah do, mujay kai farak paray ga. Ur losing a "dua" from me. Making soap sounds fun, lol... it's at least easy to do.

  10. It's so freakin easy =/ Feels like I'm wasting a year.

    To bo honest, it's shit compared to what people study in their A-Level course.

    Hamnay aaj eek darakht banaaya tha about goblization. And then watched a shitty music video about goblization <_<. (THIS IS BULLSHIT I HAVE TO STUDY!)

  11. Mah teek nahi hoon *cough*. Lol, what? Ima improve my Urdu then, just so I can confuse you with, uh... "complicated" urdu sentences!

    Honestly, AS/A Levels are never done until your final resulsts are published =P Dua, tumahray lia? *ROFL* Moojay eek umda <-(muhaha new word!) reason do, per dua karo gah.

    Doing my 1'st year in Bsc Honours IT. It'...

  12. Yo, yo.

    Kia haal hai? I swear, my urdu's getting rusty >_>

    How are you AS-Levels comin along?

  13. *Hands over some eidy*


  14. You're so sloooooow!

    Don't you remember that "thing" I told you? Seriously. YOU BLEW IT!

  15. Oh yeah, nice job.

    You blew it.


  16. Who kept track of the scores? Man... I have to go through a crapload of posts... 29
  17. Gay character limits... I'm sure you get the last sentence, lol. What about chanay ke chaat?

  18. Is there any "phase" he hasn't gone through yet?

    Yeah, dubai, not abu dhabi. The huimidty was 100% there yesterday, and 93 the day before.

    Meri khala brooklyn say ai ha. I only got one khala livin' in pak. The other two are in the US.

    Joint faimly = lotsa "khandani" problems >_>

    tum rozay may fruit chaat kasay nahi ka s...

  19. Who do ya think thought him? *cough* Aus ko koho kay wo ab pagal aurat ki ratt lagay.

    Achi bhat hai. Gandi dhoob main roza rakh ker zada sawab milay ga.

    Nahi. Probably in 3-4 days. That, and mere khala... is here. Dunno how to complete ze sentence in urdu =P

    Took me a while to, uh... "decipher" it =)

    Fruit chaaat!

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