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  1. The guys over at work made me slave for the past 2 weeks :( . I had a lot of missing hours because I took some days off for my exams. Sorry for going poof again. I'm back now. No more exams, no more extra hours at work and lost weekends :D .

  2. I'm back! No, for real, I am! :)

  3. Thank you Cake! *hugs*

  4. Tessa

    Sam, are you back?! Still interested in typesetting smut? :)

  5. Contact Melita. She's in charge of assigning projects to proofreaders. Hint: ask her for the 2 chapters from Be my sweet Darling XD.

  6. Thank you!!! You're so great! *kisses*

  7. Tessa

    Remind me next Sunday when we'll chat XD. I'll share my precious collection with you. Just so you know how much I love you >.O.

  8. Can you contact Sepia and ask her to assign it to a new translator? Since smilllle is gone :( .

  9. Tessa

    I can give you the pic if you want and the entire collection of this artist. I think her name is mokkaffe [or something like that] and I also love her work XD.

  10. yup! Thank you! :*

  11. nope, all 3 volumes are translated and awaiting for your help :D .

  12. I never implied that. Was just a statement.

  13. Happy B-day Cake! You're old enough to drink now! XD

  14. Yes I do! Please take Real Purple! :D

  15. Haha, ok, I'll send you what I did from it tomorrow. I'm too sleepy right now. Good night! :*

  16. Tessa

    OMG...they don't want to release ch 3 before 20 may? Why not? since it's done...

  17. No, no typesetter so far, but ask cake just in case. I would love to see that project moving again :) .

  18. Neko, not really, not yet. I still need to read all 106 mails left on gmail. I give permission based on "who's first". If another group before them asked for our permission that group will get it.

  19. Well, releases will come, but not as fast as before. We're very understaffed right now. And we'll be dropping some projects in order to start concentrating on others. Well, all in all, no one is paying us for this so we'll do it at our own pace. XD

  20. Haha, depressing release? What did you think? was it that depressing? xD Donno about new staff just yet. I returned only last week. I heard we don't have enough translators *wink wink*. Ah, it sucks to train someone and then have him/her leave short time after. i had that experience with editors and I was teaching them for free >.<.

  21. I've graduated, trying to get my Master Degree right now. Not sure if it will help me in any way xD. Yes, most of the admins are busy and away so the late system was not working anymore since only Lat was active so only her team was releasing ^^.

  22. Ups, sorry it's actually Hira's B-day. So embarrassing. My apologies. I've been working on the forum since morning and I'm a little light headed right now ^^.

  23. Tessa

    Happy B-day Hira! ^___^ Hope you got a good book today!

  24. Just saw it's your B-day today! Happy B-day! How are you spending your precious time right now? XD I've also got a job and been sort of busy with that thing + college.

  25. Hey! Lechat! Glad to see you online :) .How have you been? :)

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