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  1. Does anyone else notice all the bots that are signing up? Seriously, if you look at members list and sort by join date, and look at some of the most recent nonvalidating ones, they all have some kind of advertisement in their profiles XD whether it be in the "about me" section or under their contact info (one person even put it in a comment to themselves)

  2. Looking for a job *sniff*

  3. I've got a job! So happy right now XD


  5. ADVANCE NOTICE TO ALL: I will temporarily stop typesetting starting the first day of October until the end of November *super sad face* as I will be having my GCE O Level exams soon. If you have any projects that you would need/like me to finish typesetting by the end of September, do let me know and I will try my best to finish them all. I'm sorry guys.


  7. Is trying to finish Dear Diary ch. 21 before the hurricane hits and I lose power. Throw all school work out the window!

  8. I'm TLing Book Club but it's so scary ã… ,ã…  must NOT do this at night

  9. *Struts around in her Admin suit*

  10. Studying for my entrance exam...

  11. I AM ALIVE. Finally getting back my editing groove. TSing marathon, here I come!

  12. Studying for my entrance exam...

  13. For all the people who missed me, I'm back next Wednesday, lovely peoples! <3

  14. Romania is heading towards being suspended from the EU and risks a huge financial crisis. Thank you n00bs for voting "the change".

  15. Romania is heading towards being suspended from the EU and risks a huge financial crisis. Thank you n00bs for voting "the change".

  16. Taking a few days break to take care of my midget and to let my PS recover from the few days pre Anni. :3 I should still be popping on CB a bit, but not as much. I'll be back full force as soon as Bastian feels better.

  17. Got dizzy at work and almost fainted because of the heat.. T_T

  18. Next point on agenda: Speed editing

  19. Heading to England to meet oneesama and lat. Yes, there will be glomping.

  20. waaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~ so much to TS!!!

  21. My nature of picking up other people's accent earned me a "Your english is UK English but Americanised accent" LOL (what is that really? XD)

  22. WOAH! It was my 1st Evil-versary 4 days ago =] Wow, been a year since I joined EF, huh?

  23. It's My B-DAY!!! :D yay for 21 :) instead of getting absolutely smashed ... even though my bday is on st. pattys day i want to get a tat. :D

  24. Kind of in between projects right now if anyone has something they need typeset

  25. I've seen the words 'failed to upload' a million times on my customization page :< WHYYYY?? \./

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