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  1. Awww, I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you'll be able to do it in time :) .

  2. Also, college classes are starting for me too and I'm pretty much going to do the same thing. *sigh*

  3. U sure? It's a nice experience once you get used to it. If you don't want to then I'll ask around to see who's free and has some inspiration XD.

  4. I need someone to write it. Wanna offer >.O?

  5. The other/Another . U guys put really easy screenshots. @[email protected]
  6. Tessa

    No, I don't have enough chapters for a release and I'm kinda still waiting for Oboreru Knife and a reply from Aerandria. Will probably release on Wednesday to give lat and x5ga time to finish some of their chapters as well.

  7. Thank you! Can't wait to see the results :D .

  8. Hey Creamy-san, did you get my message? :)



  9. Cute, but I hope it's not really that bad in RL. Lol, or is it @[email protected]?
  10. Nop, I'll send them to Tamashii. It's been 2 months since I last payed him for the host >.<. Glad to see people still support EF :) .

  11. the joy XD. In august I'll ask for 150. We're behind on paying the host :(.

  12. reply to the message "Is shechan still going to typeset Steady Study? She hasn't turn in any chapter for a while." - no, Sam is :)

  13. Cake, I talked with Sam and she's going to typeset this. :)

  14. She's my cousin (I only have a brother) and I had no time to finish the site + now I don't think I can donate/help her with any staff :( . So, we kinda just stop talking about it.

  15. Yey! Thank you :*. I will QC Dear my girls :) .

  16. I will post the proofs for Masamune-sama. For the others you'll have to ask Melita and x5ga :P .

  17. if you wish to clean it you can take it. This week I'm catching up on QC-ing :) .

  18. Yes, I've just sent it to you :) .

  19. *sigh* I guess she's not. Do you have someone for this? Gotica is doing the 2 extras [part 4 and 5]

  20. Tessa

    Argh, I know how it feels >.<.


    It took me 3 months to get my current job and now I'm sick of it so I'm back to the beginning :( . Nobody wants people without experience, but how can I get experience if I don't work? It's a paradox @[email protected] I wish you good luck and I hope you'll find a great job :) . Let me know when you are back, ok? I have plans for this summer. *h...

  21. What's your skype ID? @[email protected]

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