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  1. Wow, you got me. *puts a box on her head and pretends to be Toxic* Really guys, does this game make any sense? XD Next Poster: Tessa
  2. After you are done with Mascara Blue and volume 5 from Papillon we'll take this one.
  3. Yes it is, for chinese translators. i didn't find the japanese raws. thank you Aisei! ^^ Will you edit this yourself?
  4. Of course not. Everyone who joins will have a signature made for free, or even more if they'll want to change it from time to time. Are supporters deserve that . Edit: feel free to send me a image that you want to be in your sig. And give me details about the color, stile and size you would prefer .
  5. Sweet! Do you want me to make you a signature or you'll make it yourself? Lt me know.
  6. So, because a lot of people want to help, but sometimes we don't have that position opened anymore I decided to open this special group. Special lovers will have access to our Download Section, Raw Section [not the Hayana scans] and anything we'll find out in the future that can reply our lovely flowers . You won't need to make 15 posts to have acces to this sections, but you'll need to: 1. Register on the forum and leave a message here 2. Request for a signature or add one on your own, but to have the recruiting information on it. Example: You could request the signature from our GFX team. Still developing as well . 3. Wear the signature here on the forum and on every forum that you want to [but enlist another one except for this one]. And please link to the other forum and your account ^^. 4. Make a post in the introduction section [we want to know you better lovely stalker ] Well, anyone who is interested can join now. We want you in our family! ^^ + this will help us get more staff and in the future when the positions you wanted will reopened you'll be the first one contacted. You can also leave here the position you wanted to apply for . Due to lack of human resources, this topic is closed.
  7. If you can find me staff members for this project we'll do it . Mostlly a translator and an editor. I'm sure Toshiro will agree to proofread and QC this ^^.
  8. In the future we will, but right now we have other projects we want to concentrate on .
  9. Yup, we have the raws so we are ready to start whenever you are ^^. *big hugs to SMM* P.S.: we're going to pick this up from where SMM has left it aka v 3.
  10. It doesn't depend only on me, if a translator and a editor wants to do it I'm ok with it, but we need a translator willing to work on ecchi first.
  11. Yes, yes, Papillon will be revived this summer.
  12. Sorry for the late replay. I was away because of my exams @[email protected] . hope you'll enjoy your stay here. you are no longer a future translator, but a current one XD. Also, dark fantasy? That's going to be hard to find. Still, I hope I'll be able to get a manga for your taste. I would like you to enjoy what you'll translate . P.S.: how come Megumi is getting the cake when it's my B-day? @[email protected]
  13. Hi aika! welcome to the team! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here . also, did you talk to starriberi? Our editor trainer? Because I see you still don't have your stats changed into a staff member's status.
  14. We don't have raws for this.... Esthetique dropped this because it was licensed, but now CMX is dead. Maybe we'll do a joint with them on the project and use they're raws .
  15. Megumi, I don't mind XD.
  16. She's a bit demanding, but I've send our application. Now I'm curious if she'll replay in a positive way.
  17. Are the raws in japanese of chinese? i personally don't like AIHARA Miki's style [Hot gimmick gave me nightmares XD], but if you all want to pick this one I'll say ok ^^. If the raws are in mandarin I think we can release this soon, if not we'll have to wait for a japanese translator to appear. @ Toshiro, since you are in japan go and look for some japanese translators for us XD.
  18. This has an active scanner and the scans don't look bad at all. It's true that volumes 14-16 have watermarks on them, but that's not the editor's fault, but the scanner's. There might be a chance we won't be able to find better raws either. Don't you think we shoul concentrate better on dead project the redo projects that were already released? O.O P.S.: just saw starriberi did some of the chapters [translated and edited], we need to start exploiting her translator's side XD.
  19. They're sending me the real raws [don't have time to scan it]. each volume costs 7$ + shipping expenses that I don't know yet how much it is .
  20. Accepted, because the mangaka is great! I recently talked to SMM and they told me they will send us the raws, but I'll need to pay for them @[email protected] .
  21. If you found a broken link or can't download from mediafire let us know. Requesting for mirror or links will be done in the following way: [b]Title:[/b] [b]Section:[/b] [b]Chapter:[/b] Example: Title: Masca Section: ongoing Chapter: Volume 4 chapter 4 is not working or I would like to request a mirror for it.
  22. Before posting any questions here, make sure you've read the FAQ. If your question didn't get an answer after you have read those, then feel free to post.
  23. So, because from time to time I'll like to clean this section I will post here are requests with details: if it was rejected I'll say why and if accepted I'll say the status of the project. Some of the titles are requests from the old forum. Japanese/Chinese titles: Accepted projects: ~ Kirameki Gingachou Shoutengai: needs a japanese translator and an editor ~ Kaze Hikaru: needs a japanese translator ~ Seikimatsu no Angel: needs a chinese translator ~ Dragon Pearl Boy: needs a chinese translator ~ Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: needs a japanese translator ~ Kiss Zekkou Kiss Bokura no Baai: needs a japanese translator ~ B.O.D.Y.: needs a japanese translator ~ Eden no Trill: needs a japanese translator ~ Beauty!!: needs a japanese translator ~ Binetsu Shoujo: needs a japanese translator ~ Mizu ni Sumu Hana: needs a japanese translator ~ Tsumi ni Nureta Futari: needs a japanese translator ~ Kakan no Madonna: needs a chinese translator ~ Gal Kadou: needs a japanese translator *Not sure if project still hase active scanner [=the scanlators are releasing very slow]: ~ Ice Forest ~ Otona no Jikan Maybe projects: ~ Puri x Puri - Himegimi wa Oujisama: we need to buy raws for it ~ Yometore!: we need to buy raws for it ~ Kono shinzou ni hibiku nowa: we need to buy raws for it ~ Motto Kokoro ni Hoshi no Kagayaki o: we need to buy raws for it ~ Sanagi to Ousama: we need to buy raws for it ~ Midori no Kurokami: we need to buy raws for it ~ Sakurahime Kaden: we need to buy raws for it ~ Midnight Children: we need to buy raws for it ~ Iiki no Ki: we need to buy raws for it ~ Sekai wo Teki ni Mawashite mo: we need to buy raws for it ~ Saint Dragon Girl: we need to buy raws for it ~ 16 Engage: we need to buy raws for it Rejected projects: ~ Gakuen Alice: has an active scanlator ~ Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: has an active scanner ~ Ryuurouden: has an active scanner ~ Superior: has an active scanner ~ Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta: has an active scanner ~ Souryuuden: has an active scanner ~ Gakuen Ouji: has an active scanner ~ Crimson Empire: has an active scanner ~ Vampire knight: has an active scanner ~ Eden no Hana: has an active scanner ~ Full House: has an active scanner ~ Michibata no Tenshi: has an active scanner ~ Anastasia Kurabu: has an active scanner ~ Heart no dimond: has an active scanner ~ Umi no Kishidan: has an active scanner ~ Ookami-heika no Hanayome: has an active scanner ~ Zoku Sensei no Okiniiri: has an active scanner ~ Demon Sacred: has an active scanner ~ Dong Meng: has an active scanner ~ Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu: has an active scanner ~ Jiujiu: has an active scanner ~ Koi Oto: has an active scanner Korean titles: Accepted projects: ~ The Shadow of Moon: currently being scanned ~ Ice Kiss: raws bought, will be scanned in the future ~ Jewels: will buy raws for it in the near future ~ Sarasah: will be picked after we finish some of our current projects ~ Promise: will be picked after we finish some of our current projects Maybe projects: ~ Girl in heels: we need to buy raws for it ~ Feel so good: we need to buy raws for it ~ Xtra Syndrome: we need to buy raws for it ~ 8mm: we need to buy raws for it ~ INVU: we need to buy raws for it ~ Banhonsa: we need to buy raws for it ~ Four Daughters of Armian: we need to buy raws for it ~ Hoosamguk High: we need to buy raws for it ~ Bell Princess: we need to buy raws for it ~ Anne the Lover: we need to buy raws for it ~ Hwang Mi-Ri, HAN Yu-Rang and YEON Young-Hee's works [the only one's we'll ever do/if we will do]: - A Love in 100 Days - Bodyguard - I Will Be Cinderella: only if Rose Negra decides to drop it. - Man I'll Always Hate - My Boyfriend Is a Vampire: only if Rose Negra decides to drop it. - Say Say Say: will pick up where PRS left in the near future. - The Sexy Simpleton: only if Hwang Mi Ri's Palace will decide to drop it. - You Are My Everything: will pick up where PRS left in the near future. - Die or Like me: we have HQ raws for this [thanks to Eclipse] - A tackle on my life: we have HQ raws for this [thanks to Eclipse] - right now has an active scanner - Fallen Angels: we have HQ raws for this [thanks to Eclipse] - right now has an active scanner - Never Cry: we have HQ raws for this [thanks to Eclipse] - Outcasts Proposal: we have HQ raws for this [thanks to Eclipse] - They are something Special: we have HQ raws for this [thanks to Eclipse]/ already being translated - Miunohri to Swan: only if Rose Negra decides to drop it. - Imitation Love - For the Sake of Dulcinea: already working on it. - The Guy Who Will Give a Kiss for â‚© 5000: we have HQ raws for this [thanks to Eclipse] - Advent of Snow White of the Hell: only if Rose Negra decides to drop it. - Gangster Hero: only if Rose Negra decides to drop it. - She's Scary: only if Rose Negra decides to drop it. - The Descendant of the Dynasty - Oh, Chunja Chunja! High School Bullying - They're Not Kissing and a Cat: we have HQ raws for this [thanks to Eclipse] - Sweet Bitter Love: Only if Blue December decides to drop this. @ Don't request any titles from HMR, HYR or YYH that are not listed there or are listed but right now have an active scanner.We won't do them and we won't accept them not even as joints. I'm sorry, but we have other, better manhwa to translate. Thank you for understanding! ^^. Rejected projects: ~ A wolf warning: has an active scanner ~ Rure: has an active scanner One day we'll finish them, one day....
  24. How should you post a request: [b]Topic title[/b]: manga name [b]Summary[/b]: if you have one [b]Links for raws[/b]: if you have them Rules: #Very important: we take a project only after 180 days of 0 chapters released. #Please don't post topics with the title: "I like this" or "Please work on this". You'll only make us confused. #If you want you're request to be considered you'll have to have a minimum of 15 non-spam posts! #The 15 posts must be made in the section "EF Cafe"[except for the "Forum Games" zone] and need to be enlist 2-3 rows long to not be considered spam. They need to be logical and on-topic [if I asked you "what anime are you watching?" and you answer "I like manga" your post will be considered off-topic and erased]. #After you have 15 post leave a message here and an admin will give you access there after he/she had checked your posts. #If you won't get access there you'll be informed through pm with the reason why you have not received the access [usually the reason will be spam]. Well, this is all. Happy posting. I hope that we'll be able to finish all the projects that you want [i'm so optimistic XD].
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