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  1. Already an active project. Topic closed!
  2. Basically scanned, because I'm pretty good at finding the ones on the internet, but you could try to amaze me and find something not even I was able to find XD. *hug*
  3. Do you really prefer us to redo a project just because it's LQ? I totally understand how you feel. I also hate it when my favorite manga/manhwa is released in LQ, but I read it anyway and I'm sure all the fans do the same. Just think about the time we'll need to spend to release this again, then think how nice it would be to spend that time on one of our active projects that you like, or even one of those who you proposed to us. And after you'll do that you'll understand why we're against releasing something that was already released. The only exceptions are if we already started working on that project and didn't know it was being released. Not the case here.
  4. Yes, I know. this is an active project now. Yupy!
  5. Wow, so much activity here lately! @ Hira, that's not a big nose, that's the size of my nose and I consider it to be normal! @[email protected]
  6. Wow, such a long story @[email protected] Surely we will not consider to take this project in the near future, but who knows, the request is still here so anything might happen XD .
  7. Wow, a lot of requests! @[email protected] Right now, the only one we might work on when we'll get the raws for it will be: Tonari no Atashi Thank you for suggesting!
  8. I couldn't find this title on manga updates. Do you have the raws for it or could you get them? If yes we'll be happy to work on it since it's a request from you [and I know you have good tastes since you're the one translating Kiss and never cry and all the works from George Asakura XD]
  9. Shijo Mayu? Yuck.. Well consider it, thought I dislike this author almost as much as Kayano. Same art, same story for all they're works
  10. Ok, so... Made by a pro: Normal ones XD:
  11. lol, Cellas, did you read the rules? you're on the other team XD.
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