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  1. The raws for Binetsu Shoujo are ok, quite usable. Origami needs raws [can't StarryHeaven give us their raws? O.o] Beauty!! - I've found Japanese HQ raws for this so we can pick this up as well. But like Kirie said, we'll need to finish off some of our projects before taking new ones or else we'll end up releasing 1 ch per year from each...
  2. I do have HQ raws for this one and I like the story. It's a bit long... I will add it to our maybe list. when we'll have more staff or more time we'll pick it up .
  3. Ah, sorry for the late reply. Welcome to EF! Hope you'll have a lot fo fun here with us!
  4. Tessa

    DSGL - Translations

    *makes big creepy puppy eyes at ayne* come on, you know I'll assign this to a new editor the second I find him. I did find a one for KANC, didn't I?
  5. Tessa

    DSGL - Translations

    Even if I give hugs and make the puppy eyes? XD
  6. Tessa

    DSGL - Translations

    Wow, you're so fast! *hugs JinHea*. Now I need to convince ayne to clean this XD.
  7. Run back in the house all freaked out and throw the drawer away. What would you do if you were forced to join the army?
  8. I don't understand where this begins and where it ends....
  9. Hira, do share it .
  10. From what i know both scanlators dropped the project because the manhwaka requested them personally to stop translating her work. I also like the project, I'll look more into the mater, but I'm not sure we can pick this.
  11. Tessa

    Hiya Guys

    Ah, so you're from PRS . It will take a while till I'll get to know you guys. I know Hira and Lat for a year now that's why we decided to make a big group together ^^. I'm Evil Flower's founder BTW . We have some problems with the status bars [i need to make new ones], but that just means we're all equal now, right? XD I'll add you to the staff's list .
  12. Tessa

    Hiya Guys

    Haha, so you're one of the new recruits . Welcome to EF! ~ Wow, 5 projects? How will you keep it up with us and them as well? We're glad to have you here. experienced editors are very rear right now so any help that we'll get will be more than appreciated. I talked with 4 editors that wanted to join today and I'm not quite sure what project I promised you. Send me a pm with the details . ~ Enjoy your stay!^^
  13. Tessa

    Hello ~

    Welcome! Don't worry, you are among slaves...aaa, I mean friends XD Enjoy your stay here! ^^
  14. I will . Don't worry Tami, we'll find nice projects for you too XD.
  15. Hika, where did you read that? O.o Anyway, they're not the speediest group around the block so if we want to take it we can. We can even go and ask them for a joint, is just that they don't have a site, or a forum or anything, just a mirc channel. And I saw they're mostly doing yaoi recently.
  16. I found chinese raws for this one: Seikimatsu no Angel. I'm sorry Tami, I had no luck in finding japanese ones . So right now we need a chinese translator for it.
  17. Even if people can't post them you can't really stop manga distribution. You'll find it on other sites eventually .
  18. Theoretically this is still an active project for Entropy, but they did said they don't have a translator for this anymore so we'll probably pick it up in the future. either if they'll decide to drop the project and give us raws or if we'll buy our own raws and start releasing after they release all that they have prepared. I also like the project ^^.
  19. If we'll find an interested translator in it we'll take it .
  20. I've already ordered the raws for this manhwa. We'll work on it in the future for sure .
  21. If we'll be able to get HQ raws for it we will. Right now on our buying list this is not a priority, but if no other group picks this up till we get money to buy it we'll get it and work on it XD.
  22. Already an active project. Topic closed!
  23. Rejected project because it has an active scanner. Topic closed!
  24. Rejected project because it has an active scanner. Topic closed!
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