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  1. On 8/12/2021 at 11:01 PM, Yuan said:

    Hello! Yuan here~


    I'm interested in taking the Quality Checking test! I don't necessarily have experience in cleaning or typesetting, but I do have experience in PS. I've translated and proofread for other scanlation groups in the past as well!


    Hope to hear back soon!


    hey Yuan, will send you the test soon. Sorry for the delay, we were a bit away.

    Thank you so much for wanting to help!

  2. 4 hours ago, Not a Bot said:

    Hey, I heard you were hiring proofreaders. I asked around on discord and they pointed me here. When can I take the test? 

    Thank you for wanting to help!~

    Test sent! 😄


    Yes, looking for 2-3 proofreaders, if you have friends bring them over 😄

  3. 10 hours ago, crandall said:

    hello! my name's crandall, and i'm a noob cleaner! thank you, Tessa, for inviting me to Evil Flowers! ❤️ i really appreciate it!


    a bit about myself: i began cleaning around april of 2018 and have helped released chapters cleaning for Friendship Scans, Moe Panda Scans, trident scans, and Crandall Inc. Studios! now i am excited to be a part of Evil Flowers and clean... clean clean!! <333


    thank you for having me, i am in your care 😄 ❤️ 


    ❤️ crandall

    Aww, thank you so much for wanting to join!~ We are in the process of rebuilding the EF empire 😄

    We will get there with a bit of help 😛


    Enjoy your stay here! 😘

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  4. 17 hours ago, crandall said:

    tysm tessa for inviting me to try out for evil flowers as a cleaner ❤️


    soz about the delay -- attached is my application:


    pls let me know if there is any trouble opening it, etc


    thank u!


    ❤️ crandall

    Thank you for doing the test! I'll return with feedback shortly 😄

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  5. Hi guys, for now we are only searching for 1 dedicated Korean translator who can help with the following projects: Forget About Love, Goong 2 and Chiro Star Project.


    The positions for Japanese and Chinese translators are temporarily closed. We have plenty of translations and some very good and fast translators right now so we are not recruiting any new positiong for the moment. Our editors need to catch up with them, lol 😄 .

  6. 17 hours ago, KinTama said:

    Hi. I was just wondering if you still need more proof-readers? I’m fluent in English and am confident in my proficiency of the language. I’ve 0 experience on proof-reading unfortunately though.

    yes we do!!! thank you for applying! the test will be send soon ^^

  7. 7 hours ago, Quith said:

    Heyo I'm Quith. I'd like to apply for the proofreader position. Well... I guess, I'll try my best 🙂. Btw I'm also willing to take the test (didn't know if we had to mention it seperately). 

    Thank you for applying. Melita will send you the test soon ^^

  8. 6 hours ago, Narya said:

    do you do digital raws now? most of the stuff is just sourced online. what are your requirements for RP?

    Hey Narya, sure, we can use digital scans too, if the raws exist and are good quality. For example right now I am searching for Amakusa 1637 v12. Our scanner is currently MIA and we are not sure if we can get that volume. We have HQ raws up to v11 kindly scanned by her. I found v12 here: https://manga-zip.info/dl/Amakusa-1637/ but it's MQ at best.

    And the gutter shadow is not even the worst part, but the fact that the scans are so small. after releasing this in HQ for so log I would hate to finish this project on a MQ note. And chillipadi worked so hard to translate this. Ugh :((((


  9. Hello Anna,


    We really need editors right now for it. We have a few translated chapters, but we are understaffed. If your group would be willing to supply us with an editor we would give you access and permission to use our raws and scripts and everything. Until we get more staff we have our hands tied. And no release = even less ppl interested to join. 😞

    We are trying to revive this little group, Evyione is one of my favorites as well. If we could get some support for it we would greatly appreciate it!


    Thank you!


    Hi, nice to meet you. It's been a while since I last used forums o__o;; I love forums a lot though -they're so small and community based? It's lovely.

    Ah, I used to love forums a lot as well. Now everyone's on Facebook and Co. Relevant discussions are long gone. oni60



    I graduate I'll need to have experience and hip new companies are cool with that exp coming from scanalations.

    Really? @.@ Wow, that's so cool ^^. Well, I'll poke Sora to send you the test soon. I hope you'll enjoy working with us. Sorry nobody replied to you right away. We're all rather busy with scanlating and managing the site. :)



    Can I ask how much time either per chapter or per week/month you guys spend on translating?

    Depends on the project and your free time, but most translators can translate 1-2 chapter per week :P .


    Can you name a few of your favorite animes? :)

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