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    Hi, nice to meet you. It's been a while since I last used forums o__o;; I love forums a lot though -they're so small and community based? It's lovely.

    Ah, I used to love forums a lot as well. Now everyone's on Facebook and Co. Relevant discussions are long gone. oni60



    I graduate I'll need to have experience and hip new companies are cool with that exp coming from scanalations.

    Really? @[email protected] Wow, that's so cool ^^. Well, I'll poke Sora to send you the test soon. I hope you'll enjoy working with us. Sorry nobody replied to you right away. We're all rather busy with scanlating and managing the site. :)



    Can I ask how much time either per chapter or per week/month you guys spend on translating?

    Depends on the project and your free time, but most translators can translate 1-2 chapter per week :P .


    Can you name a few of your favorite animes? :)

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