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  1. I was reading this on mangareader.net and liked the art and story... it was hard to understand though since the pages and chapters were mixed up... I hope they fix that...anyway thank you for this wonderful manhwa! :)

    Why not just read them on our site? We have the chapters posted correctly.

  2. Sorry, yes, this is my project and yes, you've been waiting a lot for it. All I can say is that I'm sorry and that I'll get back to it once I'm done with my exams and the new site features (still a lot of work left to do there). If we find a new editor for this we'll release sonner from this, if it will remain my project I'll get to it in march. Sorry, I really can't sooner. I hope you'll be able to enjoy some other projects from us that have active staff working on them until then. :)

  3. it's a pity, that you stopped placing download links on a fresh chapters. Thank you for release

    Access can still be gained by our members for the downloads. You just need to comment on the project you want to download. I think that feature is still being tested. Please have a little patience with us. We'll be back with more features for our members soon :).

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