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  1. Tessa

    TF ch 5 pre-typeset

    TF ch 5 pre-typeset View File so, the words are not centered and some are missing [can be found in the missing translations section I think] Submitter Tessa Submitted 11/26/17 Category Editing  
  2. Oboreru_Knife_v11_ch41_CL_TS_PNG_&_PSD View File Translations missing on page 7, 24 and 41. Submitter Tessa Submitted 08/16/17 Category Editing  
  3. Masca_The Kings_v03B_ch03_typset [PNG&PSD] View File Enjoy! I sure did Submitter Tessa Submitted 08/13/17 Category Editing  
  4. Kiss_and_Never_cry_v07_ch37_typeset View File Contains PNG and PSD files Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/05/17 Category Editing  
  5. Tessa

    Masca_The Kings_v03B_ch02_typeset

    Masca_The Kings_v03B_ch02_typeset View File PSD and PNG are included Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/19/17 Category Editing  
  6. Tessa

    Masca v03 ch01 typeset

    Masca v03 ch01 typeset View File PNG and PSD files included Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/19/17 Category Editing  
  7. Tessa

    We're back online!

    Yey! Good job guys! ^^ I'm still havin troubles finding the editor's area, but I am on my phone and maybe that is why :p.
  8. ayne

    Happy Bday~

  9. Someone is taking that evil part too serious...

  10. since lately I've been working 10-12 hours a day, pretty much. *sigh* But, she's a "fresh" meet also .
  11. Tessa

    Ciel and TQK!

    Yey!!1 The Queen's Knight! Thank you Meli and Neko!
  12. Tessa

    Get ready for 3 weeks of Ciel

    Donno, when it comes to very long series it can go both ways .
  13. I'm also learning that one. I've started with the easy chocolate-cake level. How much until you reach the cheesecake part? =))
  14. Tessa

    Bug Report

    I don't know how useful this screenshot is: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/files/file/2988-bug/ But every time the color changes I get the monitor full of lines for a few seconds. This happened both on my home PC and work pc so it's not a pc problem. Sorry I couldn't get a more accurate picture.