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    Hello, Just thought I would throw a topic grenade in to learn more about evil flower's members. I have been reading manga for about 3-4 years now. I think its becoming a bigger trend or fashionable thing to do with the cosplay scene spreading around the world. I think sometimes Australia can be a little backwater place when its so slow to pick up the pace of running trends. I am enjoying One Piece, a bit of Fairy tail, Bride of the water god among others and tend to drool buckets over anime films by the Studio that produced Spirited Away. My notion is that the manga may start out on its own way, but its people who enjoy it so much that want to cosplay the characters that the recognition of the manga comes to light. Its amazing how it flows when social media drives kick in. Its advertising at its best.... because it is free! In some things regarding manga-cosplay connection it is a chicken/egg scenario; granted. Fans hold true as they are our best advertisement when spreading the word about great stories. I sometimes give my opinions on a variety of books; in essence I am a story critic. I guess that's why I have become fascinated with the balance of artistry & the lyrical prose of the writer. Well, I have enjoyed my gas bagging or flapping my gums. I look forward to some sort of reply to my blabber. Meantime, read well!

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