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  1. Thanks, you must be pretty Godlike too xD Oh looky, we're the same age~ We're not lolis though. I refuse to acknowledge it. Newbies should stick together though. :)

  2. Sasori

    Hello :)

    Hi :)/> I'm Sasori or 'the new PR.' The name Sasori means scorpion...I think, I'll have to ask one of the translators. I took it from the Female Prisoner #701 films, which aren't as shady as their name suggests (they are still pretty shady though). I love those films - they combine feminism and violence, which is always entertaining. Let's see, fun/cool/any interesting stuff about me... I'm in a band, although we're not aiming to become famous (or even to perform to non band members). It was more of a 'guys, we're in the springtime of our youth, let's do something more than just sitting around watching Oprah Winfrey: Behind the Scenes' (how I spent my 15th birthday, coincidentally). And, since we all hate partying, we ended up starting a band. I'm drummer; I actually play piano way better than drums, but we needed a drummer more than a pianist. Oh well. C'est la vie. Did I spell that right? Oh, I also like using bits of foreign languages (mainly Spanish) in everyday conversation. I think it's just an attempt at pretending I'm cultured. oni106/> I might seem chatty, but don't be fooled, that's just a ploy to hide my social awkwardness. (You guys need a ninja emote thingy, it would've been perfect to use here.) Well, all you guys actually needed to know was that I'm your new proofreader. I'll do my best, so let's get along well :)/> Bye
  3. Thanks :) The test was hard, I'm surprised I passed because I didn't know what was going on tbh.

  4. Hi I'm interested in taking the test for proofreaders. My only qualifications are that I speak English and don't suck at it. I wasn't going to apply but the emphasis on how you have to be godlike triggered my fighting spirit xD
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